How to Get Around Gamstop?


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Gamstop is a renowned self-exclusion program aiming to assist gamblers in controlling and limiting their online gambling habits. When someone feels they might be developing a gambling problem, they can voluntarily register with Gamstop to restrict their access to online gambling sites. While the initiative has benefited many, the urge to bypass these restrictions persists. This article delves into how people might try to evade Gamstop restrictions and the implications of such actions.

5 Best Ways to Bypass Gamstop

The urge to gamble, even after self-imposing restrictions, can be strong. Here are seven commonly cited methods that gamblers consider to bypass Gamstop.

Play at non-Gamstop casinos

Engaging with online casinos not registered with Gamstop offers a unique gaming experience. These platforms, often seen as alternative casinos, provide a diverse range of gameplay options outside the traditional frameworks. Venturing into these casinos allows players to enjoy various games and features.

One of the defining characteristics of these platforms is their flexibility in terms of gameplay and offers. Since they operate outside the Gamstop network, they often come with exclusive bonuses and promotions not found on more mainstream sites. Additionally, these casinos can cater to a global audience, offering a multicultural gaming environment.

Furthermore, they prioritize player satisfaction, with many having a robust customer support system to assist players. Among these platforms, some shine brighter than the rest. For those interested in a distinctive gaming journey, it’s beneficial to explore the best sites not on Gamstop. Remember, a diverse gaming experience awaits you, and where you play can elevate that experience to new heights.

Wait for Gamstop’s self-exclusion period to expire

The Gamstop self-exclusion program is designed as a tool for individuals who feel they need to take a step back from gambling, offering periods of self-imposed absence that can span up to five years. This is a significant commitment, giving those who enroll ample time to reflect on their gambling habits, seek help, and potentially rebuild their lives. 

However, once this self-exclusion period concludes, it’s entirely up to the individual’s discretion whether to venture back into the world of gambling. This return to gambling after the period expires is altogether legal and permitted by the system. Yet, it’s crucial to ponder the motivations that initially drove one to sign up for Gamstop.

While the freedom to choose is a core tenet, it’s essential to approach such decisions with mindfulness and introspection, ensuring that the initial purpose of seeking refuge in Gamstop isn’t lost in the process.

Use someone else’s account

Utilizing someone else’s gambling account offers an alternative way to experience the thrilling world of betting, opening up a fresh perspective and a shared adventure in the gaming arena. At its heart, the Gamstop program was developed to support those who wanted a break from gambling, showcasing the industry’s commitment to responsible gaming.

Share of the public who gamble online in Great Britain from 2017 to 2021, by age group
Share of the public who gamble online in Great Britain from 2017 to 2021, by age group (Image: Statista)

By exploring the gaming world through another person’s account, individuals can share experiences, strategies, and celebrate wins together, enriching the camaraderie and bonding over mutual interests. Ethically, this shared experience can bring players closer, fostering understanding and mutual respect.

From a platform perspective, some gaming sites may appreciate and recognize the communal aspect of gaming, celebrating the social bonds it can forge. In essence, the vibrant world of betting is not just about winning or losing; it’s about the shared experiences, stories, and the joy of the game.

Play with a friend using the same account

Sharing a gambling account with a friend can be an exciting venture, offering both individuals a unique opportunity to collaborate and enjoy the world of betting. Such a collaborative approach to gambling can amplify the joy of the experience, as successes are celebrated doubly, and challenges are faced together.

Trust, the foundation of all strong friendships, can be further deepened when both parties transparently discuss and set ground rules before engaging. Clear communication can prevent misunderstandings, ensuring that both individuals are on the same page about the distribution of winnings and shared responsibility.

The thrill of a big win, when shared, doubles the joy. It offers both parties a chance to relive the winning moment, reminisce about the strategy that led to the victory, and jointly decide on the next steps. If both parties are aligned and communicative, they can create memorable experiences and stories to share with others.

On the flip side, facing challenges or setbacks together can strengthen the bond between friends as they navigate the ups and downs of the gaming world together. Sharing an account can transform gambling from a solitary endeavor into a team sport, where collaboration and shared experiences take center stage.

Avoid Gamstop by using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are powerful tools that mask users’ IP addresses and simulate their presence in a different geographic location. This capability can prove tempting for individuals looking to access online casinos or other internet-based services that may be blocked or restricted in their locale. By changing the user’s apparent digital location, a VPN can potentially circumvent geo-blocks and other region-specific barriers, granting access to a broader range of online platforms and content.

However, it’s crucial to note that using VPNs to misrepresent one’s location is not a foolproof or entirely ethical strategy. Many online casinos and gaming platforms incorporate detailed terms of service (ToS) agreements, which users implicitly or explicitly agree to when signing up. Within these terms, it’s common to find clauses that prohibit using VPNs for accessing the platform from regions where the casino might not have the necessary licensing or where online gambling is illegal.

Effect of Gamstop Bypass

Bypassing Gamstop might seem like a solution to the immediate urge to gamble, but it brings along an array of implications.

Results of a Gamstop bypass:

  • Immediate satisfaction: Bypassing provides direct access to gambling platforms, satisfying the urge.
  • Exploring new platforms: Non-Gamstop casinos might offer unique games and experiences.
  • No waiting period: Users don’t have to wait for their self-exclusion period to end.
  • Moral implications: Bypassing a self-imposed restriction can lead to feelings of guilt and regret.
  • Legal ramifications: Some bypass methods can be illegal or breach terms of service agreements.
  • Risk of addiction: Avoiding the protective measures of Gamstop can exacerbate gambling problems and increase the risk of addiction.


Gamstop is designed to offer individuals a tool to manage and balance their gambling activities. While there are methods to navigate around Gamstop, each approach provides a unique perspective and experience. The essence of Gamstop is to empower those who want to have a structured approach to their gambling habits. Exploring alternatives can be an opportunity for introspection and self-awareness. It’s vital to consider the broader picture and prioritize one’s well-being, ensuring that any engagement with gambling remains a joyful and controlled experience.

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Kraken Images. The infographic has been prepared by Statista.

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