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How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented [Video]

Have you ever wondered where those “imaginary” numbers in math come from? Who invests something like that? Do they just want to torture the students in class with algebra and all of that? Certainly, all of that has a purpose in science and in engineering, but why would anybody else learn how to compute those figures and solve equations that contain more letters than numbers?

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Today I want to present you a video from the Veritasium channel on YouTube. In their clip called “How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented,” they talk about the history of math, practical use cases of the past, and where all of this comes from. Their script was further supported by Dr. Amir Alexander, Dr. Alexander Kontorovich, Dr. Chris Ferrie, and Dr. Adam Becker to make sure everything in here is explained correctly.

It’s only been up a couple of days but already gathered millions of views. I’m happy that educational content can also strive on social media. Give them your thumbs up and maybe even a subscription if you want to see more content like this on YouTube.

YouTube: How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented (Veritasium)

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Pixel Shot.

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