Hoard: The Fantasy Board Game


A few years ago I played a game on Steam and its name was Hoard and the premise was quite interesting. It required me to keep the dragons on top of the treasures all while eliminating the enemies. The game that we are talking about here is also named Hoard but instead of being a computer game, it’s a board game by Cheeky Parrot Games.

The premise is pretty much the same. You have to use the dragon in order to collect treasures the best way you can. You will also need to get treasures from the other players. The idea is to have as much stuff as possible because in the end the experience can be nothing short of impressive.

Aside the fact that the premise is simple, the graphics are very good. It seems that they are hand painted and that does bring in front some interesting options. There are 6 identities that you can choose from in this title and each one is very appealing, with lots of twists and turns appearing very often.

One thing to note about Hoard is the fact that this is a family game. It’s not filled with violence, instead it provides a sense of adventure and fun. It’s not hard to understand, instead it’s very appealing and designed in order to deliver the utmost value.

Overview of Hoard

You pay in rounds and the average is around 10 minutes. The turns are very fast which is great as it strongly supports the gameplay feeling.

Flexibility is nice here because you don’t really have to go through a major learning curve. The game does feature some interesting options for you to enjoy and if you want you can integrate some heavy strategies to go with it which is always a massive plus.

Hoard Items Cards Dice Table Board Game Fantasy

Attacking is an interesting phase and there are 4 actions to take each turn which help you make the gameplay unpredictable for sure. I like the fact that everything from the dice to the cards and all the other materials are very nicely designed. This does bring in front a very fun experience for the players as they can enjoy the entire experience better and a lot faster, which is crucial at the end of the day.

You are bound to enjoy Hoard if you are a board game lover but even other types of gamers will enjoy it as well. It all comes down to the amount of fun you want to get but rest assured that the title is very appealing and exciting.

Hoard is a game for the entire family and a very fun one at that. It’s easy to get into and hard to master so if you truly want to immerse yourself into a nice experience you can give it a shot. I recommend you to visit their homepage, so you can find out more about the project and you can also preorder it for $30 NZD ($22 USD).

YouTube: Beware the dragon!

Photo credit: Cheeky Parrot Games

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