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Ironic as this may seem, but this pandemic has brought some good out of people. Left and right, we see people coming up with new creations and people innovating to transform the physical world into a digital one. One of these pandemic babies is GameApart, which makes any game night with your buddies possible even when you’re miles apart over any video conferencing platform.

Playing safely since 2020, GameApart is a user-friendly gaming platform that brings people close despite distances. In fact, one of the things that makes the platform awesome is that allows users to invite anybody from any part of the world. This could be used as the perfect ice breaker in between long meetings or can be a fun activity to do during those long family video calls.

Video calls made fun

With GameApart, users can invite their friends to their chosen video chat platform. Someone would only need to share their screen so everyone can see the game. From there, they may choose which board or card game they want to play and start by clicking the “Host a Game” button.

Of course, each participant should have the GameApart app on their phones. A unique code would be given to each player so they can connect to the virtual game group. Once everybody’s in, the game can start.

Image: GameApart

Choose a game

GameApart has a variety of games to choose from, with the promise of new releases every month. For starters, here are the games that are currently available on the platform:

  • GIFs Against Society – If you’re familiar with Cards Against Humanity, then this is the game for you. Basically, it’s a game wherein the players would fill in the blank/s using GIFs. Players are dealt ten cards that contain different GIFs and a judge would be assigned per round. The judge would read a random prompt card and players would then get a chance to choose which GIF would suit the card the best. The judge would choose which GIF is the best and whoever wins gets a point. This game really brings out the wit and comedic chops of everyone who participates.
  • Done with 2020 – Similar to GIFs Against Society, this game is a card game that deals with our love, or hate, for the year that was.
  • Tip of the Tongue – This is a word-guessing game good for 2-10 people. A player would select a category and be the guesser, while the others would see a word on their GameAppart apps on their phones. Players would then give clues to help the guesser get the word. The goal is to guess as many and skip as few times as you can within 60, 90, or 120 seconds.
  • Verboden – Now this would be a team game so bring out your competitive side. Each time, a Quarterback (QB) would be assigned per team. The QB would then be given a keyword along with 5 verboden words. The goal is to have the other team member guess the keyword without saying the 5 verboden words.
  • The Word – Everybody would be working together for this game so teamwork is needed. A guesser and a referee would be assigned per round. A mystery word would be shown to the team, except the guesser. Each player would enter a one-word clue that will help the guesser identify the mystery word.

With these fun games, it’s no wonder that GameApart’s users are growing every week. The company is also working on licensing agreements with some independent game makers so they could host digital versions of their games. As the world continues to slowly recover from the pandemic, we can at least spend time together with family and friends at a safe distance and continue playing games together or apart.

YouTube: GameApart How it Works

Photo credit: The images used are owned by GameApart and were provided for press usage.

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Sam Albano
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