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Using Headway App to Publish Your Software Changelog

When managing a software product, it is often not easy to communicate changes to all the users and stakeholders. It is, however, imperative for proper change management and to communicate a changelog with as much detail as the users would need. With Headway, users are always informed about all the important changes happening at their favorite companies.

Wikipedia: What is a changelog?

At Headway, businesses are provided with a changelog. What does that mean in detail? Changelogs, hence their name, log all the changes happening to a product or service to help the people developing it as well as the customers who purchase it with an approachable layout and post updates automatically to services such as Twitter. Here’s an example of how they publish their own changelog.

Signing up to try the service

All a user needs is their name, website name, email, and a password. Users start out with the basic service, which includes many helpful features such as public page customization and twitter integration to keep social media users in the loop. This service is absolutely free, which would be eye-catching to the business on a budget as well as startups or non-commercial development projects.

However, for a more luxurious changelog experience, people can purchase the pro plan for 29 USD a month, which includes Slack integration, increased privacy, and increased customization. There is, however, some room for improvement, such as an integration such as Facebook, for instance.

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Once signed up, the next step is creating a changelog. Headway fosters teamwork and collaboration on these changelogs, and users can see the name and picture of the contributors. As noted on their website, it’s “always better to see the face of a person next to changelogs.”

Public for SEO or hidden for privacy

Making these changes is quite easy too, which keeps the whole process efficient and enjoyable. Although transparency in a business is important, not everyone wants their changelog to be exposed to the world. That is why Headway lets users determine if they want their changelog to be public or private, preventing the prying eyes of search bots from looking at confidential material.

All in all, Headway is an innovative pioneer in business solutions with its easy-to-use changelogs, customization, security, and free price tag. With a few minor changes such as more social media integration, this website could be a real lifesaver for many businesses. Please note that HeadwayApp.co is not to be confused with Headway.io. If you’re wondering about what other solutions there are, you can also have a look at Canny and Beamer for a similar solution.

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