Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2: Sound Meets Design


The Aura Studio 2 speaker by Harman Kardon indeed ranks as one of the most intriguing looking speakers currently out on the market. With its unique shape and appearance — resembling somewhat of a glass cloche — it not only functions as a brilliant speaker but as an elegant yet simplistic decorative piece; with its genuinely iconic design.

Iconic Design

The Aura Studio 2 leaves a lasting impression with its transparent dome-shaped design; featuring a funneling hole at the very top which connects to the speaker’s center turbine. This elegant and unconventional exterior truly sets it apart from other high-end speakers on the market. Accentuating this unusual design is a white ambient light which perfectly emphasizes your music as it provides visuals as an accompaniment to your audio. This ambient white light glows from the center turbine as well as from an animated center ring of LEDs from the inner base of the Aura Studio 2.

What Sets the Aura Studio 2 Apart from the Aura Studio?

While the Aura Studio 2 can easily be mistaken for its predecessor, the Aura Studio, there is a difference between the two. With the Audio Studio 2, Harman Kardon decided to remove the Bluetooth Social Mode previously presented in the Aura Studio and add in the new feature of a white animated ambient light. Aside from that, both speakers are practically identical.

Tech Specs

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This speaker features a powerful 4.5″ subwoofer which delivers 360 degrees of omnidirectional audio; providing you with an extraordinary sound experience. While this speaker is not built for portability – as it relies on a wall socket and does not run on an independent battery source – it does possess Bluetooth connectivity and allows for hands-free calls; with a touch button that lets you answer or end calls while your phone is connected to the speaker. However, Bluetooth connectivity is not the only way for you to connect the Aura Studio 2 to your devices. This speaker can connect with your other devices through an auxiliary cable as well as through the use of a micro-USB cable.

Through this speaker’s Wireless Dual Sound feature, you will also be able to conveniently link two Aura Studio 2 speakers together to act as stereo sound speakers; completely transforming the way you enjoy your audio.

The Aura Studio 2 also has a luxurious feel as it can only be controlled through the use of touch buttons; meaning completely silent control without any annoying ‘clicking’ noises when changing the volume or turning features on and off.

Final Thoughts

It was slightly disappointing that the white ambient light of the Aura Studio 2 was presented as the only stark difference from the speaker before it. It was equally upsetting that the lighting only featured one single color instead of a wide array of colors. However, if you’re not a fan of the ambient lighting, there is a touch button which allows you to turn that feature on and off as you please. Personally, I prefer to only have the light on at night as it looks fantastically spectacular and it creates the perfect atmosphere; especially when I’m winding down at the end of the day.

Another letdown of this product was its design. While it looks incredibly unique and forces you to take a double-take, it poses a problem as the hole at the very top of the device collects dust. Consumers have had gum, pills, rubbish, etc. stuck in their speakers and it is quite frustrating; especially when you just want to enjoy its fantastic audio experience.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this issue. Since disassembling the speaker is not recommended, as it is nearly impossible to re-assemble it. This is probably not a risk you would want to take after investing in such a high-end speaker. The only option is to connect a straw or rubber tube to your ordinary vacuum hose and clean it out through that method. However, this technique could also damage your speaker. Hence, prevention is key. I personally cover the top of the speaker up with a coaster when it is not in use; to prevent it from collecting dust and prevent any other unwanted items from falling in.

The Aura Studio 2 might not be the best speaker out on the market. However, it is one of the best to look out for if you’d like to invest in an aesthetically-pleasing piece that simultaneously provides you with an excellent audio experience. What do you think?

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Photo credit: Harman Kardon

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