FLY BT or Soho Wireless: Which One is The Better Harman Kardon Headphone?


Harman Kardon is a high-end brand in the world of Headphones. They are like the sibling of JBL and AKG because all of them are now acquired by Samsung. After quite a while, Harman Kardon has returned to the market with two new lineups; one is the FLY BT, and the other is the Soho Wireless. They have promised to take your experience of sound “to sophisticated new heights”. Sounds great! Let’s find out more about these headphones.

Harman Kardon FLY BT

The Harman Kardon FLY BT is the new release of Harman Kardon Headphones. It comes with a thin cable that will run behind your back. The small three buttons remote on your left will let you control according to your needs. It has been highly optimized for traveling because the entire thing weighs only 17.1g, and you can easily stuff it into your pocket or can wear them around your neck. The magnetic earbud will snap together and will never get lost while you are taking a break.

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The 8.6mm drivers will deliver you with the premium and enhanced sound so that you can enjoy the true beauty of the music even while jogging. The battery will last for 8 hours of uninterrupted playback with high-fidelity listening experience all day long. The charging time is pretty quick; just 10 minutes of charging can let you listen for an hour.

The fabric made cable of this Harman Kardon Headphones will set you free from the tangled earbud cords and will give you comfort in your neck. It also functions with smart Voice Assistant through your smartphone. So, whenever you need assistance, just ask and get it directly. The IPX5 certified FLY BT headphones of Harman Kardon retails at a price of $145.

Soho Wireless

Moving on to the next Harman Kardon Headphones is another latest version of Soho Wireless. It is truly a beauty! This slim and sturdy leather and chrome made headphones can twist and fold to give you the right fit. The stainless still accent comes with six adjustable notches so that you can feel comfortable while wearing. It delivers you around 9 hours of playback only after 2 hours of charging. The Bluetooth 3.0 gives you 33- feet of minimum standardized access.

The Soho Wireless is portable to carry around, and you don’t need to think about carrying case while traveling because it comes with a carrying case. The newer version is lightest from the previous one, only 12oz. The stereo speakers provide you with exceptional acoustic definition and refinement to match the accelerated sense and function.

Among all the Harman Kardon Headphones, Soho comes with a touch-sensitive control option. You will find the power button under the right ear cup and a covered micro-USB port along with the 3.5mm audio-in port, which will let you have wired listening experience. This will also save battery life.

You will get to choose your desired color among black, brown, and white at a price of $249.95 for these premium headphones.


If you are confused between two of these Harman Kardon Headphones, then let me help you to understand.

  • Audio: In terms of audio coverage is great for FLY BT for an earphone, but as a headphone, Soho has a mixed review. Though it describes as heavy-bass in real, the bass sounds a little hazy.
  • Comfort: For an earpiece, comfort is mandatory, and FLY BT is perfect. On the other hand, Soho is a bit stiff and will make you feel uncomfortable. Maybe well-padded muffs and cushioned headbands will sit comfortably on your ears.
  • Button: The FLY BT has three well-functioned buttons to control things, whereas Soho has a swipe-based control surface on the right earcup’s outer panel. This will give you a hard time getting used to it. You can also use your phone to control it as well.

If I am to choose, then I will go for Harman Kardon FLY BT. I have found it perfect for regular use and very much handy to carry wherever I want. I will have no stress of losing or tangling if I am wearing it around my neck or keeping it in my pocket. So, my verdict for the best Harman Kardon Headphones will go for the FLY BT. But if you are a gamer and need a good headphone, then you may find this “Plantronics RIG 500 PRO: Cross-Platform Sound and Comfort for Gamers” review helpful.

Whatever your preferences might be, make sure to try them out yourself before buying and make sure to have the same reference audio to compare both. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody makes for a great reference as it covers a broad spectrum of sound if you have time only for a single song.

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Harman Kardon and was provided as part of a press kit.

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