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HabitRPG: Gamification for Task Management

Playing games is a fun recreational time nowadays, but some of the mechanics implemented within them can actually be found or introduced in real life. HabitRPG is a web based application that strives to deliver a new, more exciting productivity application. The tool was designed in order to create incentives that will make it easy for you to strive and improve your goals, while also keeping to use the app.

HabitRPG does that by bringing a gamification approach to productivity, an approach that does an amazing job when it comes to penalizing failures and rewarding a success. Thanks to the simplistic RPG elements that HabitRPG uses, you can receive the necessary motivation in order to complete your daily activities, even if some of them are just some chores.


No matter what task you complete in HabitRPG, you will always receive rewards in the form of gold and experience points. In order to receive these you need to enter the necessary tasks into the app.

Upon entering HabitRPG you will see that it has numerous panels that you can access, which range from habits that you perform often to daily activities. Alongside that, you can also get access to various to-dos that are not that repeatable. Lastly, HabitRPG provides an incentive panel for rewards where you can receive various amounts of gold if you complete a certain chore.


The interface of HabitRPG is very impressive, in fact each time we used it we felt as being in a game. The interface is very impressive, because you do have that gaming impression, while also receiving quick access to the most important tasks. You can access user related data, social features such as the inbox, party, guilds, challenges, as well as the hall, and then you even have an inventory where you can use the items that you can purchase on the marketplace.

But the thing that’s even more interesting here is the fact that if you fail to complete a task, you will get damaged and loose some of your health, just like in an RPG. Through this, HabitRPG strives to make you more dedicated to deadlines, while also providing you with the means of breaking the bad habits that you have, those that make you less productive. Thanks to these simple, yet fun mechanics, HabitRPG successfully manages to remove procrastination while also helping you become more productive.


HabitRPG also brings a party system that allows you to stay on task. The party can be a group of friends that can help you remind of your goals and encourage you if needed. HabitRPG has a large community, so making new friends and improving your productivity is very easy, as long as you are helped by others.

In conclusion, we found HabitRPG to be a great, new approach when it comes to productivity apps, and we can clearly say that we will continue using it for a long time. The incentive and damage system is great since it always makes you strive more in order to complete the objectives, while also assuring a longer usability time for the app. If you think that no productivity apps suit your needs, then go ahead and try HabitRPG, you will definitely be impressed by it!

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Photo credit: Ran Yaniv Hartstein / HabitRPG

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