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Can This Gyroscopic Transportation Concept Work? [Video]

This transportation concept by Dahir Insaat is more than disputed. While the idea seems interesting, the first thoughts of the video watchers are “this is not stable” or “this will never work out in cities” among other critical comments, not all such are written by qualified people but some do have a point.

If you’re having a look at the Dahir Insaat website, you can only find solutions and concepts about architecture and city planning, no vehicles or other transportation designs. If it’s possible to build a stable gyroscopic transportation vehicle like in the video below, it might work out in newly designed cities like you can find on their website. In other cities, especially thinking about narrow roads like the ones you could find in London, this might not work out.

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YouTube: Futuristic Gyroscopic Transportation By Dahir Insaat

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