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GWENT Coming to Android with Exclusive Pre-Reg Bonus

If you are anything like my boyfriend whose 30 hours of The Witcher 3 solely consisted of running from town to town just to play Gwent, then you’re in luck. While iOS players have had GWENT for a while, Android owners can finally rejoice. CD Projekt Red has revealed that they are releasing the game on Android.

Set to release next month, GWENT finally comes to Android phones completely free-to-play. To reward dedicated players, CD Projekt Red is offering an exclusive pre-register bonus for those who sign up before the game’s release.

What is GWENT?

While GWENT was originally just a minigame for the Witcher series, it has transformed into its own digital trading card game. It was released for consoles and PC in 2018. Unfortunately, the console versions are no longer supported as the team launched the iOS version in 2019. From then, they’ve also release card expansions, starting with the Crimson Curse.

GWENT combines competitive deck construction and strategy with fun, fast-paced gameplay. Players use a combination of spell cards and special units to defend their board while attacking their opponent. Those who want to win have to think both quickly and carefully, choosing how and when to play things for the ultimate win.

For those who have played GWENT already on PC or an iOS device, the game will be cross-platform compatible. You can also share your purchases and progress via a GOG.com account. It doesn’t seem like it will be compatible with the console versions of the game.

As a treat, all players who pre-register for the Android version will receive an exclusive Imperial Golem avatar. Any time after the game’s release, players can download and log in to their account to immediately get the bonus. As the avatar will probably only be available through pre-registration, those who wish to get it shouldn’t miss this opportunity. GWENT will be free to play on March 24th in the Google Play Store.

YouTube: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game| Android Release Date Trailer

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Sources: CD Projekt Red PR Email / Gwent

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