What Type of Rummy Player Are You? Read on to Know


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Playing card games is one of the most preferred means of having fun with acquaintances for many people. And when we talk about card games, you cannot ignore one of the most popular ones, the Rummy. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the accumulation of dust on those paper card decks. Social gatherings and meet-ups are prohibited. You cannot afford to break the safety norms. However, that should not stop you from playing your favorite card game as long as you have an Internet connection.

That is the probable reason the popularity graph of online Rummy is facing the North. Besides, there are different types of Rummy games available on the internet. Now, suppose you are a bit shaky thinking about the safety of playing online card games; according to The Times of India, people are more confident about playing online Rummy nowadays due to the security provided by the websites.

Every human being is different from the other. The looks, character, habit, mentality, temperament, and behavior differ from man to man. Their approaches towards games are different too, and the same applies to Rummy. You cannot expect a beginner to play like a veteran. Besides, the style and strategy also differ depending on the particular player. This article shall discuss the types of online Rummy players you can encounter. That will help you understand your opponent in a better way.

The beginner

A player who has just started his journey of online Rummy may not be aware of the basic rules. One can expect his skills and strategies to be at the minimum level. If a beginner player performs against seasoned players, competing will be tough. Before he can think of probable sequences, his opponent can make a valid declaration in a blink of an eye. Hence, the first thing a beginner should learn is the basics of the game and should play as many practice matches as possible.

The cool guy

That is the category of players who are primarily happy-go-lucky types of personalities. They seem to be always stress-free on the Rummy table. The reason is their knowledge about the game, skills, and strategies. Besides, they play the game for entertainment purposes only. They are never tensed about winning the game as their goal is to enjoy participation to the fullest.

Professional players

Professional players practice Rummy for hours to master the game. They usually compete in tournaments by paying real cash. That reflects their seriousness and affinity towards the game. They do not play Rummy just for fun; they always play to win a game. They do not have any other goal and hate to get interrupted during the game. If you encounter such a player, be aware. They know their strategies and have exceptional skills. They can beat you in no time.

The stickler

That is the type of player who knows the rules of the games by heart. They follow the rules book blindly and never allow their competitors to break any of them. They usually do not enjoy playing against beginners or impatient players. They take their time to progress with solid strategies.

The insistent players

That is the type of player who is very aggressive in the game. They play their cards fast and can be impatient enough to force you to maintain the pace of the game. Their strategies are pre-planned, and they never let you guess their game. They intend to finish the game and win as early as possible.

The jugglers

It may sound impossible to a beginner, but there are Rummy players who are excellent at multi-tasking. They can concentrate on the game, even doing other tasks. They can juggle between Rummy and other household works. However, it is wiser to avoid such things as a beginner.

Articulate in bluffing

These players are exceptionally good at bluffing. They practice the trait-like an art. Their ability for bluffing is so polished that it can confuse a beginner and make veterans fool. Bluffing plays a vital role in card games like Rummy, which can completely misguide your opponents. However, it is advisable not to use such tricks unless confident enough. If your opponent catches your bluff, it can destroy your game.

The loo guy

We all face situations when great ideas come into our minds while in the washroom. Some people purposefully use the lavatory to think about innovative ideas. Some composers can design the best tune sitting inside the toilet. The main reason behind this trait is the privacy and peace of mind they find in the washroom. No one is there to disturb or interrupt a person inside the washroom. Similarly, there are Rummy players who come under this category. They enjoy their online game sitting in the toilet and can concentrate better.

On the table player

Some players play online Rummy in a more planned way. They are sorted with their plans. They know precisely which tournaments they want to take part in. They book their seats in advance. They enjoy playing the game on their desktop or laptop properly sitting on the table. Even they arrange their snacks and beverages well before the start of the play. These players are pretty focused on their game and deliver top-notch performances.


If you have a stable internet connection, no one can stop you from enjoying your favorite card game. There are various Rummy games available on the internet to choose from. You can play more than one type as well. However, it is essential to know the game’s rules in-depth first. The more you play, the more you will discover the kind of Rummy player you are. If you are a beginner, try to play many practice matches to hone your skills before competing against seasoned players. That will help you avoid shameful defeats.

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