GTA Online New Underground Club ft. Detroit Legend Moodymann and Heist


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As we all know, Rockstar Games is about to release the biggest update ever made in GTA Online since the game started in 2013, the Cayo Perico Heist update.The game has been high up in sales ever since release and achieved quite a few milestones in gaming history.

In the last month they’ve been leaving some clues over the map about what’s going on. Maybe you saw the dead body with a briefcase at the beach, or you may have noticed some construction going on at the Diamond Casino & Resort. You may have even heard the construction noises all around it. You might not need a tutorial to get started with the new content but a game guide never hurt anyone either.

Being so close to the release date, they’ve revealed some information, a new heist on the Cayo Perico island, and a new underground club: The Music Locker.

Let’s say this is not the best year to go clubbing in real life due to COVID-19, we all notice the lack of events and entertainment, but at least we will be able to go party with our virtual friends dance all night long at a new nightclub.

Many games have been adding this kind of virtual music entertainment which has been crucial this year. You may remember Fortnite’s surreal shows with artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott, making live performances in the Party Royale mode. There are even GTA modded accounts that can be bought online.

Unlike this, it looks like Rockstar Games wants GTA Online to create a more realistic environment for players to listen to some sets from some of the best underground DJs while also allowing these DJs to perform a show again.

New underground club opening soon in GTA Online

Back in 2018, Rockstar upgraded GTA Online with a virtual nightclub, where you could listen to some mainstream DJs like Black Madonna, Solomun, Tale of Us, and Dixon, DJing at your own Nightclub.

Well, this time it is going to be a bit different. Equipped with amazing visuals and a knockout sound system, the nightlife scene of Los Santos is ready to break the dance floor, getting a more underground style club. If you like underground music, you can’t miss visiting The Music Locker. Located underneath The Diamond Casino & Resort, it’s going to be open to all players, but those who own a Penthouse will have access to the VIP area.

GTA Online Moody Club DJ News

The first week we’ll have the honor to listen to nothing less than Detroit legend Moodymann, with his unique underground sounds from disco to techno and some backup dancers.

A week later, Berlin’s Keinemusik collective, featuring Rampa, &ME, and Adam Port, will take us on a trip with sounds from a beach sunset party to the darkest party nights in Europe.

And, at the end of the month, Berlin’s resident DJ and producer Palms Trax will join the club with exquisite old-school house vibes and the latest from the UK underground scene. Besides these three, Rockstar will be revealing more DJs to come soon.

As far as we know, unlike the previous Nightclub, we won’t be able to purchase it and run a cover business, this is purely to go partying.

Outstanding DJs from the underground scene

From the roots of Detroit House and Techno music, Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr.) was a pioneer in the hybrid style of production between analog and digital in the early 90s. Without any doubt, just by listening to his records, we can say he’s heavily influenced by African American heritage, from blues and rock to funk, from hip hop to techno and house, of course.

He always kept a very Blaxploitation aesthetic; heavy nightlife, hypersexuality, gangster violence, and party, sounds pretty much like GTA, right?

GTA Online Moody Club DJ News

On the other hand, we have the Berlin’s Keinemusik collective, been around since 2009 formed by DJs Rampa, &ME, Reznik, Adam Port, and label artist Monja Gentschow, with their Berlin streetwear look and influences of tribal house and techno music, they’ve been making their own tracks and mixing DJ sets.

New DJs

And last but not less, we have Jay Donaldson, a.k.a. Palms Trax, with his strong influences from Detroit & Chicago underground music, he knows how to bring back the old-school sounds. His productions have a unique sound that fluctuates between vintage house and esoteric disco, with a mix of underground UK sounds.

New experience

New radio stations

Along with the opening of The Music Locker and the aforementioned DJs sets, GTA Online will include three new radio stations and over 250 new songs in total, including existing stations like FlyLo FM and Worldwide FM.

GTA Online New Radio Stations Content

Kult FM, one of the new radio stations, hosted by the singer of The Strokes and The Voidz, Julian Casablancas. Besides having amazing guests, such as Mac DeMarco, David Cross, and Tony Mac, he will be airing really nice playlists that will include Joy Division, New Order, the Velvet Underground, and Iggy Pop, and everything in between. But that’s not it. He will also exclusively premiere a new track of The Voidz, ‘Alien Crime Lord.’

Another station will be the Still Slipping Los Santos – out of Mirror Park. It will be launched by UK DJ Joy Orbison, who has recently set up shop in Los Santos. He will delight us with some techno, house mixes, drill and drum&bass; anyway, he may have some issues getting a proper strong signal to spread his station all over the map, so keep an eye on this.

The Music Locker will also be releasing its own radio station. We will be able to listen to the top tracks from the new underground nightclub everywhere! This station will be full of the hottest techno, house, and disco music.

As mentioned before, the existing radio FlyLo FM will also have new music, Flying Lotus will be adding new songs from Madlib, MF DOOM, and FlyLo himself. He will also count on guest appearances from Tierra Whack and more stuff to come.

DJ Gilles Peterson didn’t want to be left behind and will add new pieces to Worldwide FM, from New London Jazz, disco, and new content from Kamasi Washington, Khruangbin, BADBADNOTGOOD, MF DOOM, and even more.

Map Expansion and a new heist

For the first time in 7 years, GTA Online will be expanding the map adding the Cayo Perico island. Cayo Perico is a private island that’s home to one of the biggest drug dealers ever, El Rubio.

This heavenly island is also the perfect place to perform beach parties with his richest friends and legendary music producers. Besides the raves, and of course, having a huge treasure in drug money, he also possesses some of the finest art pieces and gold there.

This heist update will bring along new vehicles, like boats, cars, planes, and a submarine; more likely, some of them will be weaponized.

Although it would be awesome to be able to visit the island on free mode, I don’t personally think that’s going to be an option. It looks more like it will only be available for the new heist. We can tell for sure that this will be the biggest musical update ever made in GTA.

YouTube: GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Rockstar Games.

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