How to Grow and Manage Your Discord Server: Tips and Tricks


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Do you have a Discord server and want to grow it? Have you just created a Discord server, and you are unsure what to do next? Do you think your Discord community lacks something and could use some help managing it better? If any of these questions might sound like they describe your situation, then this article is for you. In this article, we want to provide you with some tips on how to grow your Discord server and ideas for things to add or try to make the Discord community more active you can grow any discord server by using our useful tricks. We have experienced the effects of all the tips. If you are a gamer or streamer and want to grow your Fortnite Discord servers or other gaming servers, please follow all the tips mentioned in the post. You will definitely grow your userbase and engagements.

Tips for growing your Discord server

One of the best ways to grow a Discord server is by inviting people you know. This can be done in a few ways. The first way is to simply invite your friends and family members to join the server. Another way to get people to join your Discord server is by sharing the link on social media or other websites. You can also use Discord’s built-in features for inviting people. These features allow you to invite people who are not currently members of your Discord server, as well as import contacts from other platforms. If you have a large number of people that you would like to add to your Discord server, then using one of these methods may be the quickest, most straightforward way to do so.

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Creating or joining a group is another way to grow your Discord server. Discord groups are servers that are connected to one another, and they allow users from all of the servers in the group to chat with each other. This can be a great way to get people interested in your Discord server, as they will be able to see how many people are already using it. In order to join or create a Discord server group, you first need to find a group that is looking for members. Many such websites also have a section where you can submit your own server for inclusion.

Just how popular is Discord anyway? Data collected by Measure Protocol in March 2021 indicates that Discord leads the average amount of weekly notifications in the group of social apps among Gen Z mobile users in the US.

Average weekly notifications from social apps received by Gen Z mobile users in the United States as of March 2021
Image: Statista

Once you have joined or created a Discord server group, there are several things that you can do to increase the visibility of your Discord server. The best way to accomplish this is by inviting people from other Discord servers in your Discord server group to join yours. This can be done using Discord’s built-in features for adding users, or you can export a list of members from one Discord server and import it into another that you own. By doing this simple act, you will have increased the number of active members on your Discord community without having had to put much effort into it at all.

Share the good stuff with your community

This is similar to more traditional social media platforms like Twitter. Do not forget about content sharing as well. It may seem like an obvious thing, but many servers are lacking when it comes to what they share with their communities which results in boring bots spamming memes over and over again day after day. Content sharing is all about providing your Discord community with exciting content to engage them. You can share pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s engaging and relevant to what your Discord server represents. For example, if you are running a Discord community for developers, then sharing articles on coding topics could be something worth trying out since they will be of interest to the users in the community. For interest groups about mobile casino gaming, there have been trends to share the latest tips on how to improve the chances of winning, just like with esports for the aspect of competitive video gaming. 

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Whichever method you choose, or even if you try several different ways, growing your Discord servers makes managing it easier because more people will actively use and engage with it. This means more opportunities for connecting with new joiners but also loyal members of the community who have been around since forever. Lastly, I would suggest using Discord bots like Dyno Bot to automate things such as moderating the Discord server, rewarding your members with points, coins, or other types of virtual tokens of gratitude to leverage some good gamification fun as a reward for their activity. If you’re streaming, I would also suggest creating Discord highlights like playlists of different gaming sessions you have on Discord which is another excellent way to keep users engaged.

Hopefully, this article has provided some valuable tips that can be applied when growing or managing a Discord community. Discord is a great platform for gaming communities, but not only for gaming communities, and with the right tools and strategies, it can be easy to create a thriving Discord server.

If you’d like to check for more tips you can also have a look at the video below from the YouTube channel of CustomName. I’m sure there are also some useful tricks for you and strategies you could try out for community management and growing your Discord servers in a meaningful way.

YouTube: How to grow your Discord community in 2021

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Roman Kosolapov. The infographic has been done by Statista.

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