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Get Hired as an IT Specialist with CodeAlly

The success of businesses today is very evident online with the ease of transactions through the internet. Everything is just a click away which is a great way to manage time, money, and effort. This is the reason why businesses are opting towards digital to provide different kinds of products and services like food deliveries, online classes, and more.

Of course, people also use the internet to seek out employment, especially now that having at least an online presence at LinkedIn is much preferred by employers. Since everything has been digitally advanced for the past few years, it’s no surprise that employers will definitely seek out those in the IT field and vice-versa. For young job hunters who are in search of an opportunity in the IT world, CodeAlly is an interesting platform to do just that.

Giving young developers a chance

CodeAlly believes that having young talent is an advantage because they are driven, and they care more. As such, this platform gathers and tests young IT candidates at scale for them to have a chance to work with tech companies. Unlike other companies that typically prefer those experienced ones, the platform focuses on young developers that are left out in the market and match their abilities with the appropriate companies.

Using a similar process as Facebook, Amazon, and Google, CodeAlly lets applicants demonstrate their skills and ability through test projects. This is to test out their ability to finish a task. It also looks at domain-specific skills and knowledge as well as a track record of personal projects done by the applicant. From there, the platform will help young developers look for a company that will fit their abilities.

Like any company, CodeAlly wants to make sure to give the best service to its clients. In case the client is not satisfied with the hired IT specialist’s work, the company will be held liable for the situation and will not charge the client. It may take some time to find the right hire for the job, so the platform allows clients to work with up to three candidates during the initial period and will bill the clients once per successful hire.

Right now, CodeAlly is free and does not need signing up to join. For those interested in starting their career in IT, you can start off by building your CV with the platform’s CV builder.

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