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Goodyear Shows off "Eagle 360 Urban" Sphere for Autonomous Vehicles [Video]

Do you think future vehicles will have any tires? Or will they fly around the city? The American tire company Goodyear has a product vision for the time before our vehicles take off. Their concept tire “Eagle 360 Urban” was presented in March and it’s a sphere designed for vehicles steered by an AI, also known as autonomous vehicles. They are planning to remain relevant even in a completely different future vehicle market.

The core features of this concept “tire” focus on supporting an Artificial Intelligence controller, making use of sensors to measure conditions, intelligent morphing thread relative to changes of these conditions, self-repairing skin and of course the spherical shape that allows for unmatched maneuverability. The concept vehicle design prepared by the French design school ISD RUBIKA could make use of only two spheres in comparison to using a total of four tires on a conventional car.

YouTube: Goodyear Shows off Eagle 360 Urban Sphere for Autonomous Vehicles

Photo credit: Goodyear
Source: Jeroen Rigole (Goodyear)

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