GlassOuse Pro: Making Autonomy a Reality for People with Handicaps


In June of 2022, the GlassOuse Pro will become available to the public. This new version of the GlassOuse assistive device is designed to help people with handicaps regain as much autonomy and freedom in their lives as possible through better technology accessibility. The GlassOuse Pro is a lightweight and portable wearable device that can be used to operate computers, smartphones, or even play video games. With this new version of the GlassOuse, Ennopro Group has made it their mission to help people with handicaps live more independently and productively.

Jenny Carter with GlassOuse
Jenny Carter with GlassOuse (Image: GlassOuse)

What does it mean to be disabled? The term “disabled,” if used for people, means to have a physical or mental condition that restricts their ability to move, feel, or do other activities. Now, what I write down in a single sentence can be easily understood, but a person who never experienced something like that could never truly comprehend what this means to a human being. Any technology with the objective to solve such a problem and help with such challenges might be not that interesting to a person who has no disability, but to disabled people, any little bit can help them to be more autonomous and productive on their own. For them, it could genuinely change their quality of life for the better.

The history of the GlassOuse Pro assistive device

GlassOuse helps people with disabilities use technology by assisting them with tasks such as using mobile gadgets, operating computers, and playing video games. Glassouse is constantly looking for ways to improve the device and make it more accessible for people with different disabilities. In 2016, the GlassOuse brand was first launched, and the second generation of its product, GlassOuse V1.2, was released in April 2018. They also introduced a new line of switch controls called the G-Switch Series. Over time, GlassOuse, again and again, talked with their target group and tried to understand all different types of disabilities and kept on building add-ons and solutions with version 1.4 that would enable a new group to operate modern devices even better.

GlassOuse Pro - What's In The Box
Contents of the box (Image: Christopher Isak / TechAcute)

The concept of the GlassOuse is based on a wearable that is worn like glasses, that can be combined with other switches and accessories based on an individual’s requirements. For the new GlassOuse Pro, there will be options such as a bite switch, a puff switch, a finger switch, a foot switch, and various types of other controllers, buttons, and sensors that can enable a disabled person to work on connected devices autonomously. For instance, this could mean for a user to control a computer or smartphone entirely on their own by leveraging the switches and sensors. They could browse the Internet, work on the computer, or simply play video games when they feel like it. If you want me to simplify it into a single sentence: the GlassOuse Pro is a headset that replaces a mouse and allows the user to control a computer simply with head tilts and biting. Now, this is finally a great clickbait, don’t you think?

What’s new about the GlassOuse Pro?

So what’s actually new about the latest version that is about to become available? Based on customer feedback, the new GlassOuse Pro now includes a mouse mode, a switch mode, and a joystick mode. The new system can connect up to eight G-Switches which can create a great variety of control scenarios that could work for many users that possibly previously not be able to use technology.

GlassOuse Components
Overview of compatible modules (Image: GlassOuse)

In mouse mode, the system will translate the tilt and pan movements of your head to control a computer’s cursor. This also means being able to use the on-screen software keyboard that is included with many operating systems. If users enter the switch mode, they can swap what device they want to control for up to three endpoints. So you can work on a laptop and quickly switch to your smartphone to make a call without any effort all by yourself.

Buddy Marshall ( Ex US Navy Fighter Pilot)
Buddy Marshall, Ex US Navy Fighter Pilot (Image: GlassOuse)

Not everybody likes gaming, but people who do, should undoubtedly be able to play and not be restricted by disabilities. We previously covered companies like Microsoft, which work on the Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities, but not everybody has an Xbox either. Indeed many would also enjoy playing games right there on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone after finishing work without worrying about setting any other hardware up first. This is why the joystick mode of the GlassOuse Pro is also handy. Maybe in the future, there will even be a connector to hook up consoles to the GlassOuse Pro assistive device, but for now, it’s great that there is a solution for gaming included with this.

New options for wireless and modularity

Beyond that, there is now an additional device called GlassOuse Link, which acts as a wireless gateway for the G-Switch so the users can get wireless buttons as well. In some setups, it can be very useful if you don’t have to worry about wires. All of the GlassOuse buttons and controls can be fine-tuned to better cater to every individual’s needs through the GlassOuse app. You could adjust the sensitivity of a certain controller or alter the mapping of the controls as you see fit, and since you have your GlassOuse headset, you can do even that yourself and experiment with the settings that help you the most.

GlassOuse Pro - Parts Overview
Overview of parts (Image: Christopher Isak / TechAcute)

Unlike previous models, the GlassOuse Pro follows the concept of a modular design. This means that you can change bits and pieces of the solution so they work best for you, and you don’t need to worry about something sitting in an uncomfortable way or anything that might be too difficult to operate. So it can not only be worn as a smart glass frame but also like a headphone, headband, attached to a cap or beanie, or simply as a strap around your arm. I have never before seen a device that can offer this sort of customizability to offer a life-changing solution to an even larger group of users due to the product’s design.

DJ Luke Santos with GlassOuse
DJ Luke Santos at work (Image: GlassOuse)

Not long ago, I wrote an article about how technology should be for everyone, and I truly meant that. Disabled people should also be able to use technology to increase their productivity, play games, chat with friends, or simply earn money with a job that they can do in front of a computer, just like I am doing right now. As a matter of fact, I could have been writing this entire article with the GlassOuse Pro, and you would have had no idea. I know in our time and age, we see some gadgets come and go, and while they might be useful, I think that only a few have an impact on changing the life quality of a person for the better.

How to get the new GlassOuse Pro?

The Ennopro team is launching a Kickstarter campaign to release the GlassOuse Pro assistive device on the 6th of June, and that’s where you’ll initially be able to get the new model and all the latest information. After the launch campaign, you’ll be able to get the new product on the GlassOuse website, similar to how you can now already find the other previous models.

Closing thoughts

I don’t want to pretend that I could feel what it is like to be disabled. I have the highest respect for all who manage their day and keep going no matter how hard things are. I am personally inspired by the thought of how a solution like GlassOuse would help me get my work done, follow my dreams, and build a career over the years in a way that allows me to do stuff on my terms, with no help from others, or at least with a lot less help from others.

Nataly Pesso on a MacBook
Nataly Pesso with GlassOuse (Image: GlassOuse)

I want to end this article by quoting the noble goal of the GlassOuse team, if you allow me, ” … that is our goal, to offer disabled people an adaptable technology that enables them to experience life on their terms.” I think that this is one of the best goals of a company that I’ve ever heard of. My intent with this article is not to pretend anything. My wish for this article is that it helps those who could benefit from the GlassOuse to know about the solution and to know that there is something that could maybe help them have a better day. If only a single person out there found this exciting and decided to try this out, then my work here is done.

YouTube: GlassOuse Pro – Making Autonomy a Reality for People with Handicaps

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by GlassOuse. The credit of the images in the body of the article is indicated right beneath each photo.

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