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Genius Ventures Inc: The Future of Virtual Marketing

Most consumer brands are experiencing an economic downturn due to social distancing protocols due to the global pandemic. Because a lot of physical stores have closed at the moment, people have opted to do their shopping online.

Immersive technology has slowly been effective in engaging consumers towards online shopping and increasing sales for the brands. With Augmented Reality, consumers have the opportunity to visualize the products in hyper-real quality from the comfort of their homes. This way, salespeople can work efficiently by saving time and money for travel when they could guide the buyers and sell the products virtually. Genius Ventures Inc. is in the business of doing that and more.

Expanding Into a Digital Future

Genius Ventures Inc. is an immersive technology company that creates custom applications for forward-thinking Fortune 1000 brands focusing on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. They cater to various industries like real estate, automotive, high-touch consumer goods, retail, and furniture, creating efficiency across the supply chain for organizations with intensive processes.

Aside from that, they are also working on multiple custom applications for some of the world’s most innovative brands. In effect, they are creating a world that allows people to live and operate in a world that is currently focusing heavily on technology to connect.

Genius Ventures

The company is aiming to expand its clientele and to tap SMEs for brand marketing. Genius Ventures Inc could also help brands in doing their market research, testing what works or not to consumers before releasing the products to the public.

Currently, they are working alongside BentoHR and Microsoft to host the first Global HR Summit on September 8th – 10th, 2020, powered by Altspace in Virtual Reality. The event is highly relative as it addresses the move towards digital transformation and making this space more “human-centric”. With this digital transformation event, Genius Ventures Inc is definitely making a step for people to embrace augmented reality with the changing landscape of marketing. 

YouTube: VR HR Event

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Editorial notice: Update 5th of August – The event date, mentioned in the last paragraph, has been updated as per organizer information.

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