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Augmented Beauty: L’Oreal Makeup Genius App

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Augmented reality apps have become something normal nowadays because they are used in more and more fields of work in order to improve productivity and enhance creativity. However, until now, a domain was left untouched, and that was beauty and make-up. Thanks to the technological advancements, now we can grab the Makeup Genius created by L’Oreal in order to see how make-up would look on us in real-time.

L'Oreal-Paris-Logo-High-Resolution-Large-PNG-Black-WhiteThe best thing about this app is, of course, the fact that we have the opportunity to try lipsticks, blushes, eyeliner, and other beauty products without applying them to our skin. This provides a fantastic opportunity to try out multiple types of make-up while holding your phone or tablet in your hand. The app takes complete advantage of the iOS camera, and it captures it even if you are moving. This happens because the app comes with a great image stabilizer module that works nicely.

LOreal-USA-iOS-App-MakeUp-Genius-Screenshot-Review_edited.jpg?resize=200%2C355As expected, the app only works with the L’Oreal products, but since the manufacturer has so many products, you won’t have a problem finding something that suits you. In fact, one of the best features when it comes to this app is definitely the fact that you can save an image of you wearing that make-up, eyeliner, or any product, then share it with your friends in order to see what they think about it.  If you don’t want to share it, but you just want to get the product, then there’s a quick buy button that will allow you to get the product as fast as possible. If you’re interested in cruelty-free care, you can also try out the City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm.

The best feature in Makeup Genius is definitely the augmented reality and the simple fact that the app accurately portrays your image in real-time while also adding virtual depictions of the make-up. During our tests, the app even managed to capture different facial expressions, something that’s definitely interesting, to say the least.

Be it lipstick, make-up, or brushes, all of them can be tested easily with this virtual tool. Of course, these don’t replace the real deal, but it’s the next best thing showing us once again that technology can be very useful as long as you manage to use it the right way.

Makeup Genius is very accurate and manages to provide all the realism that you would expect from such a thing. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t take a picture of your face and post-processes it. Instead, the depiction is made in real-time. The make-up or brush size can be modified, and there are numerous other perks that can be accessed here. All of them combined manage to provide you with a very realistic, interesting depiction of the final effect.

The Makeup Genius is available free of charge, and all you need is an iOS device, so go to the App Store and grab it right away. Based on our experience with it, we can clearly say that all women will fall in love with it. In fact, they will use it at least a few times a day to try our new, more exciting types of makeup and lipstick, among many others!

Photo credit: L’Oreal Paris

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