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Freewrite Traveler: Portable Device for Modern Writers

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A Detroit-based startup called Astrohaus has developed a writing tool back in 2014 called the Freewrite Smart Typewriter. Since then, they’ve built the success of their product and updated it. Their newest product is the Freewrite Traveler which is an upgraded and more compact typewriter that you can take with you anywhere you go.

The Freewrite Traveler is a portable device intended for writers who want to write without distractions from the digital world like social media notifications and the like. It’s a modern typewriter that you can take anywhere you want so you’ll never miss a moment of inspiration.

Write anywhere, anytime

According to Astrohaus, the Freewrite Traveler was created to meet the needs of modern writers so that they’ll be able to write wherever they feel inspired. The device weighs 1.6lbs and is basically half the size of a traditional laptop, which makes it so compact to take with you everywhere.

Freewrite Traveler

What makes the Freewrite Traveler unique is the fact that the device is mainly for writing to help writers stay focused and maximize productivity. The device doesn’t have any other features like emails, browsers, and applications that can distract a writer. Removing these potential sources of distractions from the device will help the writer’s mental output to focus entirely on writing.

Everything about the Freewrite Traveler is carefully built to be the perfect tool for modern writers. Apart from excluding other apps and other distractions, it also has a long battery life and automatic cloud syncing. Furthermore, the device has an advanced ePaper display which is low-power and ideal for both indoor and outdoor viewing.

Documents that are written on the Freewrite Traveler are saved locally to its internal flash storage. However, the device can also connect to the internet via WiFi, allowing drafts to be backed up into the cloud for extra security.

Freewrite Traveler

Enhanced durability and superb tactile response

The Freewrite Traveler is fully polycarbonate which provides enhanced durability and superb tactile response. Plus, there is a full-size scissor-switch keyboard where each key has more than 2mm of travel. It also features a movable cursor with arrow keys, something that wasn’t included in the previous typewriter.

CEO and co-founder of Astrohaus Adam Leeb shared that the team has worked very hard to deliver the ultimate tool for the best writing experience. He added that they have considered the comments of their community to provide them the best portable writing device.

The result is the Freewrite Traveler which comes with long battery life, no distractions, and enhanced durability. If you’re a writer who needs a real separation from any distraction, the device is currently on sale starting at $429.

YouTube: Freewrite Traveler – Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool

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