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CutiePi: The Portable Raspberry Pi Developing Device

Raspberry Pi was designated as a computer for specific and relatively easy tasks. This is because they lack the processing power that many modern computing chips may have. However, these single-board computers have become a crucial part of several technological advancements due to their customizable nature.

The computers run on either a special open-source Raspberry OS or Linux, allowing users to change the functionality of the Raspberry Pi to their needs. They have become one of the top-selling computer systems around the world as their possibilities are bound only by the limits of programming, and a bit on their processing power.

So while the Raspberry Pi may be an important piece of machinery, it also serves no purpose to the average consumer. That was until Phoebus Torralba released the CutiePi, a tablet that uses the Raspberry Pi computer and OS to create a device that consumers can use. The CutiePi table is a completely open-source computer, meaning it can be customized and adapted to suit the user’s individual specific requirements.


The Raspberry Pi tablet

Most Pi systems require multiple peripheral devices which greatly hinders the portability of the computer. The CutiePi tablet was specially designed to tackle this problem. At just 12 mm thick, it is one of the thinnest and lightest Raspberry tablets out there.

The CutiePi tablet has an 8-inch screen with an integrated keyboard as well as multiple I/O ports for additional peripherals to be used. It also has a 5000 mAh battery, so it’s safe to say this tablet won’t run out on you. It also has a unique handle that can be used to carry the tablet in a less cumbersome way and can also be used as a stand to be set upright.


The CutiePi tablet has a specially designed UX called the CutiePi shell. This is an open-source framework UX on top of the Raspberry Pi OS. This ensures that the tablet can deliver high-quality performance to your next Raspberry project. On top of all the added functionality and the smooth UI, everything on the CutiePi tablet is completely open-source. That includes both the hardware and the OS and other software available on the system.

As of this writing, the CutiePi Kickstarter page surpassed its target of $35,728 with a bit more than $135,000 and 8 days to spare. It currently is available starting at around $92 for the Just The Board Please set.

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