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ProcessOn: Create Diagrams & Collaborate Online

ProcessOn is a Beijing based diagram service launched in early 2012. The developing team is a group of 80s-born young people and full of passion . The idea of ProcessOn was first to provide a BPM tool especially for the business process users, who are having different opinions about work situations, thinking about better and more intuitive, time-saving work procedures.

ProcessOnIt is a hard time for every start-up in the early days and ProcessOn is no exception. Especially without the support of family and meeting financial difficulties things can get challenging, but this start-up persisted. The solution is designed as a business collaboration platform combining diagram service with social network elements for Enterprise 2.0 organisations.

A Brief Introduction and Using Tops of ProcessOn

ProcessOn is a free web-based diagram and chart creation software. Most of the existing users are enterprise employees, business professionals, school teachers and freelance educators. The solution can be used in all sorts of different situations from business projects to training and other educational purposes.

ProcessOn Designer Screenshot

The uses are extensive with a wide variety of predefined templates available to get started. Examples include BPMN, flowcharts, EVC, EPC, wireframes, mockups and other diagram types. If you don’t need a template you can start with a blank file, so users can start from scratch or load a previous project.

Selectors like text and shape are, no doubt, able to be modified to fit the requirements, but ProcessOn works well beyond just manipulating a template. A full spectrum of color options for both background and text, text placement, size, font types and alignment is provided, just like a heavy duty diagram design software such as Microsoft Vision would be providing.

There are several ways of interconnecting information from connectors to shapes, interlocking or aligning, each with their own advantage based on the type of chart or diagram the user is creating. If the project is being created to reference other online material, ProcessOn has the option to add hyperlinks. Along those same lines, ProcessOn has incorporated sharing features for collaboration on a project and content publishing to the web. ProcessOn strives to make the entire process a web based experience, including their help and support. If you are new to ProcessOn you can easily to get started by following the tutorials provided.

ProcessOn is free to all, the service is definitely worth checking out. Get started at here:

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Mia-Su-ProcessOn-Profile-Press-About-Shot-PhotoThis article was provided by Mia Su, Technology Analysis, Operations and Marketing at ProcessOn. They are non-profit, with the hope that more and more people will be able to to communicate more clearly, boost innovation, improve decisions, and work more effectively by using their tool.

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