Florida Is Home of Innovation in Cities and Rural Areas


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When you’re thinking about suitable locations for your business, you must not forget about keeping a good balance between residential growth and economic growth. I recently researched several interesting areas for location strategy in the US but one stood out.

Stay rural or go CBD

In Florida, you can find a good mix of CBD (central business districts) and rural areas. They both have their charm, but the options vary in advantages that relate to your business.

Will you require to transport goods back and forth? In that case, you should look for a location with airports, seaports, railway and highway access. If you have no advantage from putting your business in major cities, you could consider to go rural and possibly save money on real estate.

It’s also interesting to notice that a lot of talented people are relocating from other states to Florida for more space and more life quality. For this article, I talked with my friend Raymond Rodriguez, who went through such a relocation a while ago. He told me, “When I moved from NYC to Florida I didn’t think I would like it. I’m born and raised in NYC. After being in Florida for more than five years, I can tell you I wouldn’t ever go back to NY. Less stress. And more space. It’s what I needed”. I’m sure that there are others out there who might be looking for a similar change in their life.

Staying true to value and vision

To generate both economic and residential growth alike, it would be wiser to pick an area that supports your values but also fulfills your business requirements well.

The state of Florida is an exciting area that offers a lot. The 12 surrounding universities supply businesses with Florida Talent, and there are 20 commercial airports and 15 deepwater seaports that heavily support your logistics. Beyond that, there are interstate highways as well as railways that help out further in this regards and provide flexibility to your transportation needs.

The business climate here is excellent, whether you’re looking for reliable partners in manufacturing, high-tech companies, or space travel pioneers, Florida Innovation has a lot to offer.

Florida Cities State Doing Business Location Strategy Ray Rodriguez Jacksonville

Interesting story and a good example

In an article on the Enterprise Florida website, I have seen a fascinating story about a company that settled in Florida, Nassau County about 80 years ago. That company is called Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM), and when they arrived, they found people just burning down forests to turn the place into an area for grazing.

RYAM thought they could make better use of the area and convinced the people of that too. They are now a supplier of cellulose specialty products by taking care of the forests and using the trees as source material in a controlled and non-abusive way. I thought this was a great example of Florida Business. What do you think? Read the whole story here.


I think that some people might have the wrong impression of Florida. It’s not a state focused on tourism and retirement. It’s an emerging tech business hub and drives a lot of innovation. Conditions are attractive not only for businesses but also for the people that work and live there. Check out the video below to see a little more about what I mean. Enjoy!

YouTube: Florida The Future is Here

Photo credit: Neil Williamson / Marco Hinic
Editorial notice: Content was updated on January 2nd 2018: Number of commercial airports was updated from 19 to 20 to reflect latest data.
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