Florida Is Growing into a Tech Business Hub



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When you’re looking for a good place to run your business from or if you seek a good location for a branch extension, to your existing business, it’s imperative to have a good location strategy and ask the right questions.

What should you look out for?

Of course, every organization is unique and needs a dedicated analysis against their own requirements, but other vital aspects directly dictate the chances of the business being an economic success. For instance, you’ll require a good local network of companies that you can partner up with to achieve shared goals.

Another aspect is HR and attracting the right people that bring their talent and expertise to your company. It’s clear that every company requires the right talent to run the business. Being within or near a hub-region supports that a lot. Also, it’s beneficial to have a couple of universities to recruit top talent. Young joiners might be inexperienced but often bring great ideas into your organization. Florida Talent can help you build genuinely great things.

What companies have seen that as well?

A lot of innovative companies have seen this trend and predicted it would support their strategy if they’d open branches in Florida. Most of them are either primarily technology-oriented or at least the new offices became a technology-hub for the parent organization.

Actually, we are seeing huge names on this list. Florida Innovation consists of companies such as Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, EA Sports (Tiburon Office), Alienware, Motorola, Citrix, Blue Origin, SpaceX, and BRIDG to name only a few who knew that they’ll do well in Florida. Top-notch brands and innovation factories.

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Bridging the innovation development gap

The facility that BRIDG built is a fascinating one.In the spring of 2017, in April, they unveiled their 109,000 square-foot large building located within the 500-acre NeoCity technology park in Central Florida. They managed to construct an extraordinary facility that allows them to run their operations. There are only a few comparable sites globally. They are also very fond of the talent situation in Florida.

In an article on the Enterprise Florida website, Gloria LeQuang, the director of marketing and community relations for BRIDG, stated, “The University of Central Florida has a world-renowned doctorate program in optics and photonics. That alone has put us miles ahead of any other state,” and continued, “Having access to a skilled workforce is critical to company success.”


If you want to become a Florida Business, you should check into the great cities in this state. Property is reasonably priced and depending on what you do, you might even find yourself in a more ideal tax situation. Whether your industry is aviation, aerospace, life sciences, manufacturing, defense, IT, finance, logistics or cleantech, Florida has a lot to offer for you to operate and scale a successful business.

Did you do any assessments yet? Got Florida in your location strategy? Have a favorite city? Drop us your comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

YouTube: Florida – The Future is Here

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