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Floating Record: When Modern Design Meets Old School Vinyls [Video]

Gramovox successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign and created something really cool. The Gramovox Floating Record, a.k.a. vertical turntable. They managed to give the most classic of all ways to play music a new design without sacrificing the sound quality. They built in speakers into the main module as well so it can work as a standalone entertainment system.

Ok, vinyls might not be the most popular types of medium nowadays but new music is usually also produced on vinyl, if you know it or not. If you never experienced the sound of a vinyl either maybe due to your age or maybe you just never had an opportunity, we strongly recommend to check it out. It gives a lovely feeling – unlike digital playback. Check out more products by Gramovox, if you dig this.

YouTube: Gramovox Floating Record

Photo credit: Gramovox

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