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Fixate Gel Pads: Stick up All Your Precious Things

Don’t know where to put your smartphone? Don’t want to place your gadgets on the table, desktop or any other surface because you can’t see the screen properly anymore? Are you losing or misplacing things all time?

Personally, I encounter such issue a lot in my cozily small kitchen. Wherever I put my phone, it’s just in the way. I place it somewhere, and it falls off or simply steals the space for cutting some veggies. Frosted Concepts has developed a solution to address this issue and similar ones.

Their product is called Fixate Gel Pad, and it’s as simple as it is efficient. You stick the pad somewhere and place your phone, tablet, or something else on it. It will just hold and allow you to use it. Stick it to the wall, and you solved the space and access issue.


Of course, you don’t need to use it for your phone or other electronic gadgets. You might have a whole different case for which you could use these sticky pads. Maybe attach something to your car dashboard or go crazy when decorating your place. There are countless scenarios in which the Fixate Gel Pads might help you.

You could improvise a camera tripod and stick your GoPro camera to the Fixate Gel Pads and record a nifty video clip like that. Don’t want to drill a hole in the wall? These sticky pads might save you some trouble and allow you to put up your pictures just like that.

Not only for tech things this could help you but with pretty much everything that doesn’t have a stationary place. Stick your keys next to the door or keep jewelry together. There are truly lots of applications for this. And I have a feeling that one set of the Fixate Gel Pads won’t be enough.


A set of one circular and one triangular pad costs you AU$7.50 which roughly converts to US$5.42 as of today. They aren’t exactly cheap but considering their durability, I’d consider them inexpensive or affordable at least. If you need more than one pair, you can also go for a larger bundle and get some discount on volume.

What do you think about this one? Check out the video below and see some more demonstrations for yourself. If you have any comments, I’d love to read them below. Many thanks!

YouTube: Fixate Gel Pads (Frosted Concepts)

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