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FITT360 Is a Wearable Neckband for 360° VR Videos [Video]

First things first, stitched videos are not full 360°. Yet, it is common to market such products like that, because even on YouTube you’d find this class for 360° video. It is not unusual to work like that, all camera systems with more than one lens are stitching images together to provide this (almost) 360° field of view on the video. But that’s not a bad thing, everybody does that.

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That being said, have a look at this beauty. The FITT360 by Linkflow Inc is really well designed and it looks to work really nice, judging on the available footage. If this kind of wearable camera can take off, it could mean strong competition for the GoPro Hero action cameras. What do you think about this approach? Like the video and shoot us your comments below. Many thanks!

YouTube: FITT360: First Wearable 360° VR Cam

Photo credit: Linkflow

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