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Fitle: New Tech Changes How We Shop for Clothing

Purchasing clothes online if very fun but it can also get frustrating at times because it can be really hard to find out the right measures. Sometimes they don’t fit you, and you end up purchasing the wrong item. Any person that bought a clothing item online went through that, and that is why we need to take that to the next level, we need to make sure that we don’t waste our time and money on clothes that don’t fit us.

This is where Fitle comes in. This is a new smart e-shopping platform that uses virtual fitting, which means that by accessing it you will be able to see how the clothes are looking on you before you purchase. This removes all the hassles and worries surrounding the online clothing purchase.

The tool works quite easy, you just need to take 4 pictures of yourself and the app will automatically create your own avatar based on that data. If you want to try clothing on you, Fitle will access the databases of the partner brands, generating a 3D version of that particular piece of clothing, so you can try it on your avatar and see if it fits.


Another interesting feature is that you have the ability to create your own virtual wardrobe where you can place the items that you purchased previously or which you want to buy soon.

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Fitle will make it a lot easier to organize your clothing, not to mention the fact that it also brings the possibility to try out different pieces of clothing at the same time from different manufacturers. So you can see how a Gucci jacket can combine with some Lacoste shoes. This is one impressive feature that’s unique on the market and which will help quite a lot of users.

The benefits of this small start-up are tremendous, because they give us the possibility to speed up the way we shop online, while also making that process a lot more efficient at the same time. The technology has 99% accuracy and it’s one of the most advanced ways to try out clothes without even getting out of the couch.


Fitle brings 3D modeling to a whole new level, allowing us to reach new heights when it comes to trying out new clothes. It makes it easy to grade garments, brings a simplified payment and numerous other features. One of the most prominent ones is that you can easily track the current location of the package, from the minute it left the brand warehouse to your door. Real-time monitoring will let you know exactly where it is and when it will reach your apartment.

In conclusion, Fitle is set out to be a revolutionary technology that will forever change the way we shop online. It makes online clothes shopping a lot faster and fun. If you are interested in the technology it brings, definitely visit the Kickstarter page for the project at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/762163326/fitle-the-smartshopping-experience.

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