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Help Your Lost Furbaby with Sparkly App-Controlled Dog Vest

I normally think dog vests are silly. When I see pics of dogs dressed in doggie costumes on Twitter, I usually wonder if the pup is embarrassed. This dog vest serves an important purpose though, and it’s quite stylish too (in a retro kind of way). My two rescue dogs would probably wear this with pride. It will also help them find their way home if they get lost. If you have furbabies in your house too, this post is for you.

This dog vest is called Disco Dog (by Party), and it is controlled with an app on your smartphone. You can choose between thousands of colors to make your pup look like a sparkling, walking disco ball. The custom scrolling text is fun too, and you can make it read anything you’d like. The lost dog feature is the most important though.


I feel so blessed that neither one of my dogs have ever gotten lost. If they did, I would have to rely on a stranger to look at the address and phone number on their dog tags and return them. It would be a much easier process if the lost dog could be identified as lost quickly. That is where this programmable LED covered dog vest helps.

The Disco Dog vest knows when it has lost the connection with your smartphone. At that point, it assumes your dog has run too far away and is lost. In that situation, it automatically displays the message “Lost Dog” in the light-up scrolling text. At that point, anyone who sees your furbaby will know that he or she is lost, and hopefully act accordingly. You can also activate the “Lost Dog” scrolling text yourself from your phone of course.


The team behind the Disco Dog vest was seeking $15,000 in funding on Kickstarter. With 17 days to go, their project is already funded. Congratulations! According to their Kickstarter:

Disco Dog is made with 256 RGB LEDs, a microcontroller, and a Bluetooth low energy chip. It’s powered by a 3.7V lithium polymer battery.

The only thing I’d like to see added to this techie dog vest is a GPS feature that would notify the owner of the lost dog’s location. It could be kind of like the “find my phone” feature we’re all familiar with. Regardless, I think this is a nifty little innovation that will bring peace of mind to a lot of furbabies and their owners around the world!

YouTube: Disco Dog – The smartphone controlled LED dog vest (by Kickstarter Videos)

Source: cnet
Photo credit: BarkPost / Disco Dog

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