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Fighting Extremism and Online Harassment with Technology [Video]

Today I want to share a video with you that I stumbled over a couple of days ago. In this TED Talks clip, you can listen to the speech of Yasmin Green, director of research and development at Jigsaw (Alphabet). about how technology supports the fight against extremism, online harassment and other social abuse that happens on social networks.

Also on that subject, we recently reported how Twitter has acquired an AI startup company to leverage their tech to improve the way they moderate the community and identify bad actors on their portal.

YouTube: How technology can fight extremism and online harassment | Yasmin Green

“If we ever thought that we could build an internet insulated from the dark side of humanity, we were wrong,” … “We have to throw our entire selves into building solutions that are as human as the problems they aim to solve.”
– Yasmin Green

Photo credit: The feature image was done by Jason Redmond for TED.
Editorial notice: The feature image was taken at a different event.

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