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Boost Your Creativity with the AI-Powered Editor by Facet

Adobe Photoshop’s release many years ago has been a revelation for designers and artists. Really, pretty much everyone who’s ever taken an unfortunate picture and wanted to edit it was using it. It is perhaps thanks to Photoshop that visual design is so prevalent on the market today.

However, like any scalable concept, design offerings should innovate and respond to customers’ needs. A San Francisco-based startup called Facet aims to do just that by bringing an AI-native image editor right to your browser.


AI-powered image editing

Joe Reisinger and his team have built Facet “to be a conduit between the relentless pace of lab-bound AI research and creatives of all stripes.” This is the first content-aware image editing tool that deconstructs an image in human terms.

It works on the basis of a mask concept Photoshop users would be familiar with. Rather than retouching thousands of pixels to get the design you want, you can just use the tool to focus on the whole element. For example, if you want to use Facet’s background replacement tool, you can just create a new layer of background (which will be recognized automatically), fill this layer with a solid color or an image you want, play around with the effects, and voila! Your image’s background is replaced in a matter of minutes.


Facet also allows you to adapt all your images to the same style simultaneously rather than do it manually one-by-one. It can detect common features amongst several images – a feature you can use to tell your brand’s story. You can create your own styles or choose the available ones in the product’s library.

If you’re working with Facet as a team, you can all collaborate on the same images simultaneously, collect feedback, and request revisions. And it’s all taking place within your browser. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the offering myself since there is a very long waiting list for the free version. I did manage to sign up and will make sure to play around with it once I’m in.

According to the founder’s blog on ProductHunt, Facet will soon also be a video editor. I am looking forward to seeing its capacities as video content is heavily relied on by many retailers and influencers.

YouTube: Background Replacement in Facet

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