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The Evolution of Video Game Graphics [Video]

Who’s still remembering the early years of video games? Do you remember when a small game with a great idea could keep us busy for weeks and months? Today it’s already good if a game had a campaign with more than 20 playing hours to it. One part of the time invest that is spent into game development is graphics and the effort to immerse the player into an environment that is as photo-realistic as possible. So beside the growing tech specs that also drives the video computing industry, you also need a lot more people nowadays to design and craft the graphics of games of today.

We found this video on YouTube that goes by the title “Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1952 – 2015″ and thought that’s an excellent timetrip with a good dose of nostalgia. We surely saw some of our all-time favorites in this line-up. How about you? Enjoy!

Photo credit: Brian Talbot

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