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Ericsson and Orange Launch 5G Test in Poland

Ericsson-logo.png?resize=200%2C175&ssl=1Warsaw, Poland, September 10, 2019 — The first 5G network has now been established in Warsaw, Poland. This test network was built as a collaborative project between Ericsson and Orange Poland and was set up in the Ochota and Powiśle districts of the Polish capital.

Reaching up to 900 Mbps in the test run

But this was not only for the companies to find out if the technology was up to par. The goal here was not only technical testing but also to provide the operator’s customers with a glimpse of what the future holds for 5G service subscribers if they have devices that support the same.

Photograph from one of the test sites

While the commercial release of this service is not expected before 2020, the test users were already able to reach up to 900 Mbps on the 100 test devices, which were handed out to them for the occasion.

Leadership insight

Based on the Ericsson press release we could find out that both organizations were satisfied with the initial results of the 5G test runs. Ericsson Poland Head, Martin Mellor said, “Ericsson has been leading worldwide 5G rollout and now we’re bringing the same technology to the heart of Warsaw. Our collaboration with Orange Poland, together with our ongoing investment across Poland, contributes to a wave of 5G innovation making Poland one of the leading nations for 5G in Europe.”


And while the required spectrum of frequencies is still to be acquired, Orange Poland CEO, Jean-François Fallacher, seems certain of the 5G future. He said, “Today we are one step closer to launching the Polish fifth-generation mobile network. We are technologically ready for this challenge. After more than a year of trials in laboratories and in the field, we have launched a network operating in the capital city.”

YouTube: This is 5G | Ericsson

Photo credit: All material has been provided by Ericsson as part of their press kit and is owned by them.
Source: Ericsson press release

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