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Enhance Your Studying Progress with Memory Maps

Are you having trouble with that upcoming major exam? Are you getting frustrated with your study habits? To enhance their studying habits, students usually use mind mapping as a practical study tool to easily plot the concept they are studying, resulting in more efficient learning.

A study led by John Dunlosky concluded that highlighting and re-reading is the least effective way of studying, which is by far the most used study technique by students even today. This conclusion shows that students need to concentrate on effective learning methods to improve their memory. This concept of mind mapping is where Memory Maps stemmed from, which ultimately enables learners to discover their study style, produce efficient outcomes, and allow students to retain everything studied.

The integration of this practical study technique and technological innovation paved the way to eliminate dull study time to a more efficient one. With Memory Maps, learners don’t only identify what they need to learn; they also know how to learn.

Mapping out your memory

When the mind comprehends the bigger picture, it understands the concept well, paving the way for an efficient study consuming less time and energy. Memory Maps attempts to do this by helping users create an outline of what they need to learn or their journey towards knowledge, if you will. This outline is created to be flexible so that learners can organize topics accordingly and create an outline however long or short they need it to be.

The most interesting aspect of Memory Maps is how it implements the idea of having a memory palace more visually. The app has Google Maps integrated into it so users can pick out a location to map out their learning using real-world geography. Once users have an outline of what they want to learn, they can plot it out as a visual pathway to also reinforce their memory and create a mental space to associate what they’ve learned to a specific location of their self-made memory palace.

Apart from that, users can also open and integrate their favorite learning platforms such as edX, SkillShare, and Coursera in Memory Maps. Users can open these education apps in StreetView mode and directly take notes from there to further associate what they’re learning as part of the journey.

To enhance the learning process, Memory Maps provides practice recalls wherein it allows users to constantly remember things by recalling what they’ve learned at certain periods in time. These practices include having descriptions of the areas that the user has virtually been through as part of their memory map, as well as having metrics on how the user is retaining knowledge over time. Aside from all of that, the app also has a GPA Calculator to help students keep track of their grades for each semester.

Final thoughts

Students and different users need an efficient study tool in today’s modern world. Fortunately, Memory Maps is here to help students have a more engaging learning experience without the struggle.

Whatever you do, it can’t be possible that you retain all the things you learn, but having a visual representation of what you’ve learned so far may prove to be useful to you. Memory Maps is a fairly new app, so if you want to try it out, you’ll have to head on to their website and reserve a spot so you can have an account.

Photo credit: The feature image is taken by Dmitry Ratushny.
Source: The Percepts and Concepts Laboratory at Indiana University

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