EnChroma Glasses Help Color Blind People See the World in Full Spectrum


We love all technology that helps increases safety and technology that helps people with disabilities to live a richer life. Whether the products help you to be more mobile, focuses on letting people hear, or see – all of the above is fantastic and should be known by all who may be affected by such or similar symptoms.

Today we are having a look at the glasses by EnChroma, (from Berkeley, CA) which are designed to help color blind (also known as color vision deficiency or CVD) to see the world in all its true colors.

There are many kinds and degrees of vision deficiency, but the EnChroma glasses can make the surroundings of the wearer look to them, similar how they look to people without such deficiencies.

What is color blindness?

There are several types of color blindness but usually they cause the affected person to see all colors the way they actually appear. Color blind people are having a hard time telling colors apart from each other and might not even see a different colors for objects others would identify to be red, green or brown. In low light conditions, it gets increasingly difficult for them to actually recognize the colors.

This condition globally affects about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. If you are not entirely sure if you might be affected by these symptoms too, you can check out the EnChroma color blindness online test. I did it just now and the results were “mild deutan”. Maybe I should also grab a pair of those. But how does it work exactly?

What EnChroma glasses do

The solution is not cutting edge technology that requires technology implants and bionic enhancements of your body or anything like that. It’s only the glasses themselves and the work that went into the optical attributes of the lense, that allows this augmentation to happen. There are no electronics that would require form of power supply to run.

The lens crafting and optical technology that went into the EnChroma glasses focuses on filtering and rearranging certain light impulses that stimulate the way we see. The wavelength is manipulated by a multi-notch filtering process and helps to separate the overlapping red cones and green cones. As a result, the wearer is able to simulate the view of how an eye would see it, that is not affected by color vision deficiency. All that works by just wearing special glasses and not undergoing a surgery.

EnChroma Shop


What EnChroma has achieved to build is great. The solution does not require energy as it’s not tied to a gadget. It does not require a critical medical operation to get it implemented. There are many fashionable styles to pick from, including some designs for children (cheaper than adults), and the best of all – the pricing is really reasonable if you consider that this glasses actually enriches the life quality of their wearers. They start at $349 and go up depending on the options and designs you choose. If I was a person affected by color blindness or knew someone, getting this product would be a no-brainer for me, especially when considering their 60-day “hassle-free” refunding policy.

YouTube: First Time Reactions to EnChroma Glasses

Photo credit: EnChroma

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