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Elo Brings the Hot Stone Spa Experience to Your Home

It seems like a lot of people love to relax at a spa which is an ideal place for relaxation where you can try different kinds of therapy to relieve stress and tension. Imagine having a spa experience in your own home. Wouldn’t that be the dream, right?

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a spa without the need to visit a spa center to pay a lot of money. Elo introduces the first at-home stone massage therapy that will help you have the spa experience in your home any time you want: the Elo Stones.

Using hot stones has been used for thousands of years for melting muscle tension so you can relax and sleep better. However, this specialized technique is quite an expensive treatment in spas. With that in mind, Elo came up with the idea of creating hot stones that you can buy and use them in your home at any time you want. The purpose of this is to help you feel calm and rested without having to visit a spa center.

Elo Stones

Hot stone experience in your home

Elo was founded in 2016 and has developed a method that can heat stones more quickly than the traditional method of using water. In the past four years, the company has developed an innovative hot stone system that will incorporate massage, aromatherapy, and ambient light therapy into one device.

The team that designed the Elo Stones shared that hot stone massages are incredibly unique and haven’t been redesigned or modernized for years. Now, people have a unique device that gives them a true hot stone massage experience in their own home, without the need for a masseuse or a partner. Wellbeing is important for everyone and it’s important to stay happy-healthy.

The Elo Stones are built through consultations with industry professionals and lead massage therapists. It will eventually have an accompanying Elo mobile app that will be launched in 2021. The app aims to help you set a healthy routine of using the stones that suit your needs. With all this, the company guarantees a high-quality and well-designed product that will give you the same massage experience as you’ll receive in a spa center.

Elo Stones

A three-part system

The innovative Elo hot stone experience is created with a three-part system:

  • Holistic Hot Stone Set – the package includes seven hand-shaped, volcanic stones in three different sizes. The Elo Stones are intended for different muscle groups and areas of the body and help you relax. Apart from that, the stones can be used individually for different purposes, such as for meditation or post-workout recovery.
  • Aromatherapy – You can use the Elo Stones set with your favorite essential oils and make yourself aromatherapy. These stones have a built-in evaporation diffuser through which you can diffuse the essential oil and have the ultimate aromatherapy experience.
  • Ambient Light Therapy – Finally, you can make an ambient light therapy through the Elo Stones. These have high-output light rings that produce colorful visuals that mimic natural elements. You can customize your bedtime routine through the Elo app in many ways, such as setting the quality of light over 60-90 minutes, activating the diffuser, and dimming the lights.

The Elo Stones are available as a Kickstarter project if you want to support it. As of this writing, the device has been successfully backed with more than $160k and with more than 15 days to spare.

YouTube: Elo Hot Stone Massage Home Kit

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