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EA and DICE Reveal Battlefield Portal for Battlefield 2042

EA and DICE have just revealed one of the most ambitious modes for any multiplayer FPS games to date for their upcoming game, Battlefield 2042. It is a mode that drastically increases the potential for the game with one of the most powerful tools a franchise had: community support.

Battlefield 2042’s new mode called Battlefield Portal will essentially be a custom match creator for the game, allowing players to customize game rules and settings to create brand new custom game modes that they can then play and goof around in. And to put a cherry on top of this endless potential, the mode will allow players to use characters, weapons, vehicles, and even entire maps from previous Battlefield games to give that extra nostalgic boost to what is already shaping up to be an amazing experience.

Making a return

Battlefield 2042’s Battlefield Portal will include callback maps such as Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein from Battlefield 1942, Arica Harbor and Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3 on top of all seven maps released with Battlefield 2042.

A lot of features will be making a comeback in Battlefield 2042’s mode. This includes characters, weapons, and vehicles from previous games. Battlefield Portal will bring in classics of the franchise like the M1 Garand and the M416. It will also feature familiar vehicles like the Spitfire and the B17 bomber.

Battlefield Portal
Image: EA

Create your wildest battlefield

With this new mode in Battlefield 2042, DICE and EA aim to put as much power into the players’ hands by allowing them to create their very own custom in-game experiences. The tool will allow players to customize every possible setting that they may need to create some wild game modes.

Players can edit character mobility, in-game HUDs, available weaponry and vehicles, the scale of the game, and factions or teams in the game itself. Want to pit 50 World War 2 soldiers with knives against 10 modern soldiers with guns? Ever wondered how a Spitfire would fare against a modern jet? What about a 128-player all-out brawl with nothing but defibrillators? Well, now you can create those childish imaginary battles and much more with Battlefield Portal. You can even create solo or co-op experiences using AI in Battlefield 2042.


Battlefield Portal is an incredibly ambitious new addition to Battlefield 2042. While there have been community-driven games in the past, none have taken the scale of an FPS game to the limits such as this new mode. The remastered versions of characters, maps, and weaponry to modern Battlefield graphics standards with the updated Frostbite engine will bring back many nostalgic players to the franchise.

Battlefield Portal
Image: EA

The creator tool for Battlefield Portal allows for a lot of variable changes. Despite this, hardware limitations do create some restrictions. You can’t edit maps or spawn points and won’t be able to spawn 128 jets. The creators of Battlefield have also acknowledged that while it may be difficult to fill up a 128 player server with your custom game mode, you can backfill the server with bots to ensure the server doesn’t feel empty.

Realistic battles and scenes may be fun but nothing beats the true silliness of video games and the ability to goof around with friends. The Battlefield franchise was made famous due to both realistic gameplay and silly gameplay moments like launching a tank across the map with C4. This reveal of Battlefield Portal shows that the developers have acknowledged what players have wanted all this time.

With franchises like Call of Duty acknowledging the goofiness in video games, FPS games have definitely gotten a breath of fresh air. Battlefield Portal takes that to a whole new level and is definitely something that deserves the excitement and hype it has been getting and right now we must anxiously wait for the release of Battlefield 2042 set for October 22.

YouTube: Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer

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