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Dubai Police Switching to Scorpion-3 Hoverbikes [Video]

The police of Dubai has now released a promotional video in which they demonstrate the Hoverbike that they plan to use in the near future. The displayed vehicle is the Hoversurf Inc. Scorpion-3 from Russia, now with a little more protection from the propellers, at least when the cover is on. Hoversurf CEO, Alexander Atamanov, confirmed on Facebook that they signed an agreement with Dubai to mass-produce these vehicles in the area.

Dubai really strives hard to represent as the most technologically advanced city in the world. Not long ago we reported about Dubai police preparing for robot cops, and there was also the story about firefighters using ski-driven vehicles. We are curious to see how well that works out.

YouTube: Dubai Police demo ‘hoverbike’

Photo credit: Police of Dubai
Source: ABC

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