Content Creators DrLupo and MrsDrLupo Visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Popular and successful streamers often share their income with charities and do fund-raising events for a good cause. As this is not expected from anyone to do, every cent and dollar is welcome to such causes, campaigns, and projects.

Play together, inspire, have fun

Gaming broadcasters and content creators DrLupo together with MrsDrLupo visited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital recently to participate in their annual PLAY LIVE gaming summit. The year before, DrLupo raised more than one million dollars for the hospital, and this year they are aiming for twice as much.

The couple also sat down for a rather unusual interview as part of the St. Jude Inspire program which gives interesting and curious insights about the two streamers. The video series “Inspired Questions” is there to allow everyone to get to know their stars a little better.

The highlights

  • DrLupo’s favorite game of all time- Chrono Trigger
  • When not streaming, hobbies include- playing trains with his son and watching movies and tv shows with his wife, MrsDrLupo
  • Profession if gaming did not work out – an IT technician “a professional nerd”
  • MrsDrLupo saved her husband from eternal bologna sandwiches
  • Either/or questions: Mario or Luigi, Sonic or Knuckles, Dogs or Cats, Marvel or DC

St. Jude’s is further planning to continue this interview series with other interesting individuals from the spheres of music, acting, fashion, beauty, gaming, and other media in the coming weeks.

About St. Jude PLAY LIVE

The St. Jude PLAY LIVE Summit kick-starts the annual prize season, running through the end of May, during which gamers around the world will leverage their platforms and game for good while earning incentives. At this year’s summit, some of the most generous St. Jude supporters experienced the mission firsthand by touring the hospital, building LEGO sets and playing video games with St. Jude patients, and participating in service projects. St. Jude also presented Twitch with the 2019 St. Jude Charity Innovation Award during their weekly live stream that was broadcasted from the hospital.

Photo credit: The feature image and the video is owned by St. Jude.
Source: We received the press release per email from the Rubenstein agency for strategic communications and reputation management.

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Christopher Isak
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