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Dress Your Phone Sustainably with Pela Case

Over 60 thousand plastic phone cases – accessories we use every day – are thrown away and polluting our environment every year. What if we could have a phone case that didn’t force us to make a negative impact?

At TechAcute, we love sustainable tech, and we’re always on the lookout for cool gadgets and accessories that can make a difference. Pela phone cases are one such accessory.


Compostable phone case

The mission of the Canadian start-up Pela is to create a waste-free future. Its founder invented the material to help solve the problem of excessive plastic and reduce the waste of oilseed flax. The result the eco-friendly Flaxstic, a plant-based bioplastic made of flax straw, biopolymers, and recyclable products.

The materials that Pela use are compostable and free of lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalates. With that, the company has manufactured many of their phone cases and accessories, such as the Apple Watchband. The phone cases made with Flaxstic are eco-friendly, durable, shock-absorbant, and fully compostable.

Since Pela uses compostable material, it also means that these shouldn’t be thrown away into a landfill. Otherwise, it won’t decompose. With the availability of cases from such materials, Pela hopes to keep a lot of plastic from being made and later thrown away.

The phone cases are available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose from classic colors, engraved cases, wallet cases that can carry two cards as well as your phone, printed cases, and even a cross-stitch canvas case, amongst others. The company ships the cases using minimal packaging. What’s more, Pela donates 5 percent of its sales to ocean conservation charities.

As proof, I even have my own stylish Pela case. I am definitely enjoying the firm grip and the additional protection on the edges of the screen. They make sure that the screen doesn’t touch the floor even if you drop your phone.

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Source: Viktorija Zenkova (ecofreek)

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