Doqo SmartDock: Work Your iPad Like a Macbook


An iPad is handy to carry around as you can do anything with it and you can bring it anywhere. Personally, seeing the iPads upgrades take my breath away. I love these sorts of portable gadgets, but most often I need to think about an alternative because I don’t feel comfortable working desk jobs in it.

Then, I found something interesting. Doqo came with a solution that easily lets you turn your iPad into a fully specified Macbook. If you are using your iPad for everything but the kitchen sink, then you should try Doqo SmartDock.

The dock is an all-in-one solution, accompanied by a useful array of legacy ports. All you need is to attach your iPad and your Macbook is ready. Whenever you want the iPad only, just remove it and go on.

Doqo SmartDock


The Doqo Smartdock has been created to give an ultimate productivity booster. Underneath the slim and sleek aluminum housing, you are going to find a solution for everything. Thanks to the new iPad OS, the iPad Pro can unlock countless functionalities that is similar to the Macbook Pro. You will have the experience of many virtually identical features of Macbook Pro. The Smartdock consists of:

  • Power bank within its 4300 mAh built-in battery for longer productivity
  • Type-C Hub including an ingenious 7-in-1 hub for better connectivity
  • MacBook-sizes Trackpad with multi-tasking features
  • Full keyboard with backlit and dedicated function keys
  • HDMI
  • SD and TF Slot
  • 4300mAh battery for keyboard, iPad, or accessories to use
  • Protected screen, sides, and back

The USBC enables you better connectivity as it allows you to connect to external devices. You will find a whole new world as soon as you open your monitor. The keyboard has been specially created for iPad Proto to ultimately boost productivity.


The next important thing you should know about is how Doqo SmartDock looks like. It is made out of anodized aluminum to match the aesthetic of the iPad’s. The Doqo logo is at the front with a water drop camera hole settled at the top right corner.

The exterior is 12.25 inches wide and 9.25 inched taller. The 0.7-inch thickness makes it thicker than a 13-inch MacBook Pro. All of these give it a professional look that lets you carry it on with style.

The dock has a USB-C on the right-hand side to connect with your iPad. The cable is made of solid materials of braided nylon for better withstand the wear to keep the iPad in and out of the case. The same cable is also connected with the keyboard, trackpad, battery and the hub and all of these are implanted into the lower portion of the case.


The Doqo SmartDock is an amazing thing to work on with your iPad as a fully functional laptop. You can enjoy more power, incredible connectivity, and the best user experience on your iPad. Your iPad Pro will sit pretty on the enclosure as it wraps your device around nicely with the cushioning preventing it from accidents. At the bottom, four rubber soles are present to prevent it to slide from any surface.

Doqo SmartDock

You will have an exclusive 7-in-one hub with plenty of ports. If you want, you can connect your iPad with an external monitor, TV, mouse, smartphone, hard drive, flash drive, camera and many more.

If you are a content creator, then the SmartDock is your thing because of its storage capacity. Store any kind of content like essential files for creative work, business or memories with the support of its USB-C, SD/TF card, and USB 3.0 data transfer.

You also do not need to take your iPad out of the SmartDock because you can work while charging. The USB-C port is compatible with QC 3.0 standard for fast charging.

The SmartDock has a  MacBook size multi-touch trackpad with fully functional gesture controls. It works flawlessly and seamlessly with the iPad OS. This enables you to deliver the best hybrid laptop experience.


The best thing about the SmartDock is that you can have a laptop-like typing experience. The full-size, responsive scissor-switch tactile keyboard is perfect for typing efficiently, faster enjoyably. You can even control the backlit keys if you’re the type who works at night without disturbing screen vision.

You will also have an opening for the rear-facing camera of the iPad with the extension. This also gives you access to the Side and Volume buttons. You’re free to also use your iPad pen if you need it.

The SmartDock is designed with durability, compact and elegance. If you are a student, a traveler, or a business person, you can easily carry this anywhere. Its clamshell case design is made with sturdy, aircraft-quality aluminum which adds style and protection to your iPad Pro. You can enjoy its enduring protection, along with productivity and peace of mind with the SmartDock.

It is currently the best alternate for Macbook. The Doqo SmartDock, coupled with the iPad OS, turns your device into a full-featured MacBook Pro. As a plus, you will have a useful array of legacy ports that you are yet to get from any recent models of Macbook. As of this writing, the Doqo SmartDock is currently Kickstarted and has exceeded their goal amount.

YouTube: Review Doqo Adds a Keyboard, Trackpad, USB-C Hub, & Battery To Your iPad Pro


Photo credits: The photos used are owned by Doqo and have been provided for press usage.
Source: Kickstarter

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