Devices and Apps Perfect for Dog Owners


Dogs have always been man’s best friend, no matter what the circumstances are. Historically, the bond between dogs and humans dates back to more than 30,000 years ago when they were first domesticated, given shelter and protection from humans. Since then, dogs were considered guardians and partners.

Today, dogs are essential in most people’s lives, giving unconditional love, joy, and a furry belly to hug. It’s no wonder that today’s technology also caters to improving dog-owner relationships through apps. Here are some of the apps capable of connecting you to pet health services, online pet shops, and useful training tips for new and existing dog owners.


We know how annoying it can be to go to the store for some supplies for our dog baby, now and then. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Chewy is an app where you can find a huge variety of toys, foods, medicines, and more that will meet your needs at a fair price.

One neat thing about this app is its delivery service. You can get your dog’s favorite food or any medicine right at your doorstep whenever you need it. Regular clients can also get attractive discounts. The app is available on Android and iOS.


Pets love treats, and most pet owners enjoy giving them as much as their pet loves to receive them. Treats not only work when training puppies but also strengthen an owner’s bond with their furry friend. When that bond is deep enough, leaving for long periods can be hard for both. What if I tell you there’s an app that allows you to stay in touch with your dog while you’re away?

PetCube has a variety of products that can help you take care of your pet like a camera for monitoring and treats dispensers that you can trigger from anywhere. This way, your pet can be active even when you’re not with them. Other functions include checking in with your dog, talking to them through the microphone and speaker built into the devices, and rewarding them with a treat if they complete any order.

The devices on PetCube can range from as low as $39 to as much as $249, depending on the product. The accompanying app is available on Android and iOS.


A pet owners’ worst nightmare can be having their pet escape the backyard or run free through a non-safe space. Sometimes, having cameras around the house is just not enough. For cases like this, we can use Whistle, a combination activity tracker for dogs as well as a locator should they ever run free accidentally.

The Whistle tag goes on their collar and will automatically alert you should your dog leave its safe zone. You can also set safe zones in your dog’s collar, like your backyard or the nearest park. This app allows you to rest during the day knowing your dog is safe and sound in your house. Apart from that, it can help set activity goals for your pet based on its age, breed, and weight. The accompanying app for the device is available for Android and iOS. 

While most of these dog devices and apps cater to not just dogs, all of these can do the job for your furry best friend.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Javier Brosch.
Source: Guillaume Convert (Boehringer Ingelheim)

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