Learn Basic Programming with the TurtlTeck Controller


All kids, especially little boys love technology, so providing them with the opportunity to play and learn at the same time using a device is really unique as well as helpful. While a lot of parents tend to avoid handing sensitive devices such as tablets in the hand of their kids, there are some that do encourage the use of technology by their kids. This is where TurtlTeck by Ryanteck LTD comes in.

This is a device that is specifically design to help kids make robots, learn programming and logic with the help of a unique and interesting package.

Ryanteck LTD-turtletech-pi-board-kidsWhat’s really interesting about this device is that kids can learn all of the above even if they are 3 years of age. All that’s required is a battery pack and two motors that need to be connected to the device and that’s it, your child will be ready to start programming.

Programming the robot is really simple because it just involves the kid to press a few buttons that are located on top of the TurtlTeck device. Depending on the buttons that are pressed, the device will change its direction in a certain way.

The robot is comprised out of multiple switches which are set differently, so the robot has the opportunity to be fine tuned across different chassis and battery types.  The current device runs on a package of simple AA batteries. We found it really nice that there’s no need for USB cables or multiple packages, as a single charge can help the robot go through a learning session without hassle.

The benefits of using such a device are really unique, because with it kids have the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn logic and programming with the help of trial/error. The hands on experience provided by the TurtlTeck complements the great programming lessons that your kids can receive from a teacher.

Let’s face it, nothing can be more enticing for kids other than creating and programming their own robot. The sense of accomplishment brought by such a simple, thing can really make your kids realize that they did a great thing. This can help them accomplish a lot more and get the confidence in themselves that they need in this life.

In the end, TurtlTeck provides both you and your kids with a learning experience that can be loads of fun. Instead of using online applications, your child has the unique opportunity to learn programming and logic hands on. We think that this simple device is very useful for anyone that has a kid that’s interested in programming, as TurtlTeck surely brings the first steps of success in this direction.

Photo credit: Ryanteck LTD

YouTube: TurtlTeck


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