DeepMind AI Plays StarCraft II Against a Human [Video]



We remember the Chess game “Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov” that happened in 1997 but can AI also step up its “game” and succeed in a modern real-time-strategy (RTS) match of today? Against an esports player?

The video we wanted to share with you today, shows the DeepMind demonstration of a StarCraft II match between LiquidTLO and AlphaStar. DeepMind is the AI company of the Alphabet group, which Google also belongs to, and worked on this together with Blizzard.

The clip below is a bit lengthy and includes a long introduction with a lot of detail but feel free to skip through if you don’t have much time. Or just return later to watch it in full. Enjoy! 😉

YouTube: DeepMind StarCraft II Demonstration

Photo credit: The feature image has been sourced from a generic press kit of StarCraft II from Blizzard and is owned by the same.

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