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Deathwing Created in Perfection with a 3D-Pen [Video]

3D-pens have been around some time and while they appear cool, they did not take off that much as a mainstream product. The ones that use hot “ink” to 3D-draw are too dangerous for kids and those that didn’t get hot were demoted to mere toys in the eyes of many.

Today we came across a brilliant demonstration that shall proof us all wrong. 3D-pen master Sanago has published a video in which he 3D-draws the dragon Deathwing from the Warcraft franchise by Blizzard. He also constructs a realistic fortress top for Deathwing to stand on and paints it all in a breathtaking fashion.

I enjoyed this whole making-of video very much and perhaps some of us now think differently about such 3D-pens. If you like what Sanago is doing, make sure to leave him a thumbs-up on the video, subscribe to the YouTube channel, watch his Twitch stream, or go follow on Instagram, even though that one seems to be more about his two cats – but that’s okay too. Have fun!

YouTube: Create Deathwing with 3D Pen

Photo credit: The feature image is a still frame from the presented video and owned by Sanago.
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