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Dealing with Difficult Situations as a Customer Service Rep [Video]

If you’re working in the business process outsourcing (BPO) or customer service (CustServ) and support industry you might know by now that training and learning resources are somewhat scarce. Especially when you want to land a job in this sphere without any previous experience, it might be hard to find a position. This is why I was rather happy when I found out about the YouTube channel by Rea Alducente who shares her experiences with all of us.

Today I don’t want to highlight just a single video but an interesting series that Rea produced about handling challenging situations as a call center agent or customer service rep. Even if you’re not working in this field, you might still find it interesting to check out how it is on the other side of the line, when you’re receiving all kinds of users calling in, some kind and others not that kind. Enjoy!

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Difficult Customer Situation | Interactive Session 1

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Positive Scripting in Difficult Situation | Interactive Session 2

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Basic Browser Troubleshooting | Interactive Session 3

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Bank Customer Service | Interactive Session 4

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Hotel Reservation | Interactive Session 5

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Handling An Irate Customer (SAMPLE DSAT CALL) | Interactive Session 6

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: Simple Outbound Call | Interactive Session 7

YouTube: MOCK CALL PRACTICE: No Internet Connection | Interactive Session 8

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