What is Datability?


Datability – the latest buzzword around the Big Data trend in business. But what does it mean and where does it come from?

How I first heard about Datability

The CeBIT 2014 in Germany was reflecting the subject of Big Data thoroughly and covered a lot of in-depth points as well as some new aspects of data handling and InfoSec (information security). The CeBIT is a leading IT exhibition and conference ground and has growing relevance since 1970.

During the CeBIT 2014 I first heard about Datability on my Twitter feed. I felt intrigued by that and was listening into the conversations and checked into a few statements and links provided there. I would like to present you my findings in this article and hope it shortens your research time on the matter.

What is Datability?


Datability is a made-up word to synthesize “data”, “ability” – and related to recent political happenings (keyword: Snowden) – also “sustainability” and “responsibility”. This is still a young term but I believe in its purpose and right to be used for a modern way of handling data.

Who designed this terminology?

Deutsche Messe AG, organiser of the CeBIT crafted this terminology after liaison with partners. Hartwig von Saß, head of press affairs, further stated that the design and message was already settled before there was news about Edward Snowden. My own research for usage shows that the first related communication was launched in August 2013.

Datability has already been recognized by organisations such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, QlikTech, Accenture, DATEV, Shell, Atos and many others.

What does Datability mean?

If you want to consider Datability in Big Data you are trying to achieve a responsible way of handling data, especially if the data contains personal, organisational or political information.

Your data should be:

  • Protected from unauthorized and / or inappropriate use
  • Secure and shielded from theft and / or alteration
  • Stored on durable hardware
  • Stored in hazard-free environment
  • Available in redundant systems for disaster recovery

What does Datability mean for Companies?

It means nothing else than what your IT personnel was (most likely) always advising you of. The only difference now is, that business owners might be more open to change on data handling improvements facing an increased trend of cyber warfare. It means: Yes, your data might be accessed by unauthorized individuals or organisations if you don’t store it in a secure, sustainable and responsible manner. It happened before and will happen again.


What does Datability mean for Service Providers?

Service providers now have the chance to market on unchartered territories, which were previously avoided. Increased concern and skeptic views on data handling can now potentially be leveraged in marketing if the provider can either proof their Datability approach or offer an elevated service that offers better Datability features as an option for clients.

Datability Experts

In case you are eager to follow the news from niche experts, please check out the following individuals on Twitter. If you like you can also follow me (shameless, I know..).


Yes, you were right. Datability is a new buzzword and it is related to Big Data. However it addresses a vital part of business continuity and information security, that might have been overlooked in the past. If you are concerned about your data you can check with your IT department or data storage service provider.

Do you have question or would like to share your thoughts and experiences? Please do so! Just use the comment section below and join the conversation.

YouTube: Big Data and Datability on CeBIT 2014


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