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Customize Your Own 3d Printed Models of Your Fav Cities

When I was a kid, I loved playing with the red and green houses and hotels in Monopoly. There is just something about creating a city with tiny models that’s intriguing. If you did that too, now you can take it one step further with a tech twist. You can create your own 3D printed models of your favorite cities. This includes customized hotels, houses, skyscrapers, other buildings and even landscape. It’s like a personalized diorama of your favorite city.


Just like in Monopoly, you’ll have to pay for each house or hotel, or you can just buy an entire city block. Right now, the cities that are available for you to customize, print and order on Shapeways are London, Chicago, Miami and New York.

This is all made possible through Ittyblox. Once you assemble your SimCity-like metropolis, you’ll have a unique, high tech display that will no doubt spawn some interesting dinner conversation.

As Davide on 3D Printing Industry points out:

Unfortunately, at the moment, the buildings are not interactive. But in the future, smart embedded chips, such as the ones just announced by Things3D, and Ittyblox/SimCity might become the very first actually feasible 4D video game ever.

I bet you could take this even further and make 3D printed models of tiny people to live in your city too. You could even use a scanner to scan real people in your life, and make the 3D printed models look like them. Yeah, I’m probably taking this concept a bit too far, but in my mind, it all makes sense. It’s a geek’s 3D printed dream come true.


If you’d like to customize, print and purchase your own 3D printed models of these buildings, you can click over to Ittyblox’s store on Shapeways. You can also check out Ittyblox’s Instagram for more inspiration.



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