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Eat 3D Printed Pancakes with Your Face Printed on Them

Breakfast has gotten a lot more fun recently, especially if you love yourself so much that you want to eat and drink your own face. Back in 2013, a geeky latte printer was introduced that let you print your face in the foam of your latte. You can read more about it at Drink a Photo of Your Face on Top of Your Latte. Today I’d like to suggest you complement your personalized latte with some 3D printed pancakes that also have your face embedded in them.

Imagine slathering your own face with butter, fruit and syrup and then eating it. Sounds strangely delicious, right? This funky little innovation was developed by Kinneir Dufort.

What would it be like to walk into a restaurant where a picture of your face was automatically taken, and then you’d be served 3D printed pancakes with your face in them? Since the whole process from beginning to end only takes 5 minutes, this could actually be feasible.

According to the Kinneir Dufort website:

Combining CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology with embedded face recognition and tracking software, the system dispenses layers of batter directly onto a hot plate allowing the creation of detailed and complex images within the pancake surfaces. As the conventional pancake batter is applied, it immediately starts to cook and change colour. As subsequent layers are added, the different tonal qualities of the image build up.

So as you see, this process mixes the CNC technology batter (from the batter printer) and traditional pancake batter. The result is a delicious, personalized 3D printed masterpiece created just for you. It can make 4 different colors of cooked batter (shades of brown), which add definition and contrast to your portrait on your pancake.3d-printed-pancakes-for-breakfast-3

Don’t expect to see these pancakes offered at restaurants anytime soon. The Kinneir Dufort team just created their prototype for fun. I can’t help but think of all the different designs this contraption could make. Just think, if it can take a picture of it (it uses a digital camera) then it can become your 3D printed breakfast.

Source: psfk
Photo credit: Priyambada Nath / Kinneir Dufort

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