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Cubic Frogger-Like Fun with Crossy Road

Why did the chicken Crossy Road? Before you say anything, yes, it’s like Frogger back in the day. However, it’s a rather well-done clone and extends the original gameplay with a lot of fun activities, along with cool and weird characters you can play with. The game was developed by Hipster Whale studio from Australia, and they managed to leverage the Qubicle Voxel Editor to achieve this distinctive cubic look.

Frogger to the max

crossy-road-screenshotSo basically Crossy Road is what they describe as endless arcade hopper game. You’re some kind of person, animal or other creature from pop culture and hop through a never-ending world of obstacles. The settings often change to suit your character so you can make sure that the Thesaurus, the nerdy dinosaur who reads a book, jumps only through prehistoric environments.

Crossy Road is somewhat fast-paced, sometimes you have to wait for the next hop, but there’s not much time to think really. As if the moving camera wasn’t enough on its own, a bird of prey will also grab you if you’re standing around in the same spot too long. You stop – you die.

But even if you happen to die, it’s usually happening in such an awkward fashion that you often just laugh out loud because of what you just saw and heard.

So many characters to find

There’s no narrative here really, but you’re motivated to game on by collecting coins to buy new characters to play with. Sometimes the game also offers you to try out a special character for one playthrough and then lets you buy it for more coins than a random one would cost.

Crossy Road got so popular that even Disney asked if they could build a special version of the game with only characters of their movies and shows. Wikipedia says there was also a Star Wars edition, but I couldn’t find it when I checked the Google Play Store. At least they have a drop bear in this version. Very mysterious~

Overall Crossy Road is good fun for a quick casual gaming session. It’s free and available for Microsoft, iOS, and Android. Try it out and show us your coolest hopper creatures. Have fun!


YouTube: Crossy Road – Gameplay Launch Trailer (By Hipster Whale)

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