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Create and Share Interactive Screen Recordings with Caply

Caply is a Google Chrome extension that helps you take screenshots or videos of a webpage to share with your team. The webpage can be recorded in form of screenshots and videos, not to mention that it is also interactive. The best part is, there is no signup required.

Caply made sure to bring its policy to effect so that their users’ private data is kept safe and not shared with other sites they own and operate. The personal information will only be collected if needed, by lawful means, with the user’s knowledge and consent. Users will also be informed about how their personal data will be used.

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Utilizing the app

After installing the extension in your Google Chrome browser, you can click on the puzzle icon on your browser bar and press the Pin button beside the Caply icon to make it easily accessible to you. From there, you can go to a new web page or reload a current page to capture it.

Once you find the webpage you want to capture, click on the icon extension and choose between “Create Commentary”, “Take Screenshot”, or “Start Video”. For adding commentary or capturing a screenshot, a new tab will open with your screenshot. The captured screenshot or video will be interactive and it allows the user to select a particular portion of the webpage they would like to comment about. The “Create Commentary” option also allows you to add comments on any object. In turn, it will also capture all the reviews and show the count on top.

Meanwhile, the “Start Video” function allows you to move around the page as you record it until you click on the “Finish” button. After a few seconds, a new webpage will open with the recording which will also have a unique sharable link for others to review or comment on.

Image: Caply

Behind the scenes

The new web page created after the capture is designed based on the HTML Document Object Model architecture. This means that the document or the webpage will consist of a hierarchical tree of nodes. Each node represses a single object, such as an element or text, within the document to allow the captured webpage to be interactive. The interactive javascript elements in Caply recordings are disabled so you can only play around with the page by clicking on the generated link.

The company has three plans available on its website. The Personal Use plan is free but it lacks the other functions that the other two plans have. The Professional Plan provides everything you get with the free plan plus permanent storage, shared company dashboard, and embedded Caplys. Meanwhile, the Business plan offers all that with the addition of more features such as creating sandboxes and demos for your product. For those who are interested in getting a Professional or Business plan, they would need to schedule a call to get a quick onboarding or a demo, depending on the plan.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Leon. All other images are owned by Caply and have been provided for press usage.

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